This is part II of our conversation with actor and community leader Edward James Olmos. This segment was recorded on April 17, 2020 and I have purposely held off on sharing this posting until today for many reasons. There are many firsts for us in the segment, according to Mr. Olmos this is the first time he endorses a Presidential candidate. 

Our topics range from health, to politics, career highlights and finished with recognizing Latino Medal of Honor winners.  

In this edition of Online with Richard Sandoval we talk with Mr. Olmos about the impact COVID-19 was having on our community. When this interview took place there were 36,000 deaths reported in the United States. As of this posting there are over 186,000.  We are still dealing with the economic fallout of shutting down businesses throughout the nation. 

Without the benefit of a crystal ball nearly five months later we are still facing many of the same issues we talked about in our conversation.

Note the image of award winning Actor Raúl Juliá in the background.