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Surviving to Thrive | MyCajita Brings Day of the Dead Altar Experience Into Your Home

Surviving to Thrive | MyCajita Brings Day of the Dead Altar Experience Into Your Home

A Little Box of Artisanal Surprises Delivered to your Doorstep

Hispanic Lifestyle is sharing stories of business owners that are Surviving to Thrive. The spotlight is on MyCajita.

MyCajita, the first subscription box and online marketplace of Mexico, announces its third edition of its Day of Dead themed box just in time for the commemoration. Mexico’s “Día de los Muertos,” is an ancient Mesoamerican tradition now embraced outside of Mexico that continues to gain acceptance for its uplifting message of celebrating the lives of loved ones who have passed on. Popularized by the Disney movie Coco, the Day of the Dead holiday has become intertwined with Catholic traditions and shortened from a month-long event to celebrations that are held on November 2. The first two editions of this box sold out attesting to the growing practice of building an altar at home to welcome and honor the spirits of deceased loved ones back for one night.

“We are excited about the authentic elements we have curated to make it easy for those interested in building their own altar at home,” says Danny Vivian, My Cajita Chief Operations Officer. “We have curated an authentic experience so you may build your altar at home celebrating this honored tradition. From hand-carved pottery from Oaxaca, to the hand-stamped Papel Picado from Puebla, and even the charcoal and copal (incense) to burn, is included.”

“This year more than ever we believe this themed box will resonate because it offers a comforting way to remember loved ones that is joyful, not sad,” says Rachel Matos, MyCajita Chief Marketing Officer. “This cultural tradition is a thoughtful experience to remember and celebrate the lives of our loved ones who have passed on.”

The MyCajita box comes with eight important pieces to build an altar including the featured black barro calavera (black pottery skull). The custom-designed altar set comes with three hand-made barro negro pieces that include a copalero with charcoal and virgin copal, to clean the air. A candelero and cempasúchil (marigold) scented candles, to light the way for the visiting departed and for the fragrance to help them find their way. And a salero and rock salt, to keep the soul pure while it is in this world visiting. There is also papel picado, and a Barro Negro Muertos Skull, a beautiful showpiece and perfect addition to the ofrenda. Add to this a glass of water to quench their thirst, their favorite food and drink, and you have an authentic altar to celebrate this tradition with honor and respect.

According to McKinsey & Company, a renowned research firm, subscription boxes like MyCajita, have experienced 100% growth between 2011 to 2016 and continue to have double digit growth.

About My Cajita
MyCajita (Spanish for my little box) is an experiential subscription box offering one-of-a-kind artisanal products curated to charm and entertain each subscriber, members of our community and discerning shoppers. The products are sourced directly from Mexico-based artisans which adds to the allure of this box for socially conscious consumers. Our monthly, curated, themed boxes deliver highly anticipated surprises to doorsteps everywhere. Our themed boxes include items across categories including, lifestyle, home décor, food, fashion and beauty, which are also offered on our online shop, Our online magazine features artisan stories and spotlights their handcrafted work and unique talents.  MyCajita is headquartered in Los Angeles.


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