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Spotlight | Chef Cândida Batista

Spotlight | Chef Cândida Batista

Women chefs have received less attention, while coverage disproportionately focuses on white and handsome men with culinary skills. 

Chef Cândida Batista highlights the disparity in media coverage between male chefs and their female, queer, and non-white counterparts. With experience in prestigious kitchens in Prague, and Vienna and international media visibility, Cândida sheds light on the prevalence of the “Sexy Chef” culture online. This exposes how women chefs have received less attention, while coverage disproportionately focuses on white and handsome men with culinary skills.

The industry has been striving to overcome this imbalance. However, romanticizing men with anger issues and egocentric behavior does not promote progress for women. Understanding the fetishization of chefs as portrayed in “The Bear,” “Burnt,” and “Boiling Point,” Cândida emphasizes the need for the industry to evolve, including and recognizing talent regardless of gender. The industry needs to acknowledge and question the lack of diversity and gender equality.

Cândida resonates with the unique experience of being a woman in a professional kitchen, highlighting the additional challenge faced by women to continually prove their worth in the culinary scene. She questions the validity of stereotypes that perpetuate the image of the chef as a white and attractive man, while women chefs, queer, and people of color continue to struggle for equal recognition.

Addressing the media predominance of male chefs, Cândida emphasizes that the reality of professional kitchens is much more diverse and challenging for women. The chef stresses that women in the industry not only face the physical and emotional demands of the job but also struggle against the persistent underestimation of their skills based on gender stereotypes.

Throughout her career, Cândida has faced the challenges of being a woman in a predominantly male gastronomic universe. She highlights the difficulties faced daily, from lack of recognition to persistent gender stereotypes.

Cândida Batista not only challenges pre-existing norms but also inspires change. Her participation in television programs, including the renowned Hell’s Kitchen, demonstrates her exceptional ability and contributes to the visibility of women in the culinary world.

Cândida Batista, a renowned international chef, brings a passion for cooking rooted in her Brazilian heritage and enhanced by global experiences. Since her training in 2008, she has forged a remarkable career in prestigious restaurants in Prague and Vienna, working with renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay. Her unique approach combines the authenticity of local ingredients with global culinary techniques, while her artistic expression transcends the kitchen, standing out as a Playboy model and participant in the Hell’s Kitchen program, solidifying her position as a renowned international culinary visionary.


Commentary submitted by Kiko Gaspar


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