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Lizette López De Arriaga is founder of CHEF LIZETTE, an all encompassing brand promoting living a healthy and happy lifestyle using food as the catalyst. With 22 years feeding the public … Chef Lizette has cooked and catered for dignitaries, politicians, Fortune 500 executives, celebrities and everyday folk.

Chef Lizette

Chef Lizette

Through her signature Wellness Ambassador Program, Chef Lizette also works with schools, organizations and corporations that empower Americans to develop a healthy relationship with food and discover the joys of cooking. She expresses her values of compassion, wellness, happiness and self-esteem to inspire people of all ages to be an ambassadors of wellness and to share their knowledge with family, friends, their community and work environment. As a speaker for the Tavis Smiley Leadership Foundation, Chef Lizette has been successful in presenting to teens, advocating and encouraging the benefits of incorporating health and wellness into their own lives.

Born in Mexico City, Chef Lizette was raised in a bustling family setting where the culture of food and hospitality was a staple and way of life. Inspired at home by her mother and grandmotherʼs cooking — and later influenced by Julia Child –- Chef Lizette explored her curiosity and passion for cooking and refined her leadership skills by attending culinary training at UCLAʼs Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program and Cornell University’s Hospitality Management Leadership Certificate Program.

Chef Lizette began her professional career at the prestigious Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey, where she developed an even stronger understanding of what it means to provide guests with five-star service. She continues to practice the companyʼs iconic credo by providing the finest personal service, instilling well-being and fulfilling even unexpressed wishes and needs.

“Wellness IS … living a life rooted in love.” -Chef Lizette

In her twenty plus years of professional experience, Chef Lizette has also managed catering services for A-list celebrities at Hollywoodʼs most highly-regarded events, including settings at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Anaheim Convention Center, Los Angeles Marriott Downtown, Along Came Mary Catering and other leading catering companies throughout Los Angeles.

Chef Lizette client lists includes Hollywood celebs and community based organizations such as Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, James Cameron and Family Walter Parks and Laurie MacDonald, Tavis Smiley Foundation, The American Heart Association, Ms. Dianne Carroll and  El Camino College to name a few.


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