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Movie | Illegally Brown

Movie | Illegally Brown

I came across the film’s trailer online and thought I would share it you. I look forward to interviewing the cast and director. Stay tuned

Illegally Brown is a dark comedy, in which two undocumented sisters become the ultimate hope to catch a terrorist organization and save the country that expelled them. Vanessa and Luna Hernandez along with their all American, hijab-wearing best friend, Farrah, find themselves in uncharted territory when they are forced in exile to Mexico, a land they have not only never been to, but don’t speak the language either. While they enjoy every moment of eating taquitos, they want to go home to Los Angeles, by any means necessary. They make a list, which includes swindling bad hombres out of money in order to pay a coyote to smuggle them across the border.

When they inadvertently connect with a few lovelorn terrorists, all bets are off as they become the FBI’s only hope for taking the terrorists down and saving the world. These two undocumented women and their friends are the only hope for a country that fears them. They take up the challenge willingly because they love their country, and no piece of paper or lack thereof changes that. The movie features actresses Jessica Marie Garcia and Annie Gonzalez.


Jessica Marie Garcia | Vanessa
Jessica Marie Garcia is an American actress hailing from Florida. Jessica is currently appearing in the Netflix hit On My Block as the role of Jasmine. She has acted in all four seasons of the hit Disney Channel Original series “Liv and Maddie”. Her feature film “Avenge The Crows” was released on iTunes, where she plays Peaches starring alongside Danny Trejo and Lou Diamond Phillips. Jessica is also a member of the all-female ensemble cast of “BETCH: A Sketch Show” streaming now on the Go90 app and Hulu. You can see her earlier work on shows like “The Middle” as the tough wrestlerette, Becky for four seasons. Jessica’s first break was on “Huge” playing Sierra Cruz on ABC Family.

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