Dr. Zulmara Maria Teixeira de Lima is a 2015 Latina of Influence named by Hispanic Lifestyle.Dr. Zulmara is being recognized for her passion to empower Latinas and our community with tools to be successful in life and education.  Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2015 Latinas of Influence will be recognizing Dr. Zulmara and her fellow Latinas of Influence during a luncheon held in their honor on at Latina Conference 2015.

Dr. Zulmara has had an illustrious career as both an educator and an entrepreneur. She started her impressive educational career over 30 years ago as a kindergarten teacher with a mission and a passion to make a difference in diverse communities, especially among Dual Language Learners. Her passions led her to obtain a doctorate, teach at the University, and now direct the California Academic Partnership Program (CAPP). CAPP provides grants for schools to increase the numbers of minority and underrepresented youth who attend the university. In all her educational endeavors, improving educational opportunities for Latinos has been at the forefront of her work, her research, and her projects.

Dr. Zulmara Maria Teixeira de Lima

Dr. Zulmara Maria Teixeira de Lima

Additionally, Dr. Zulmara is an inspirational entrepreneur who has started her own business to help Latinas find her joy, their passion, and their purpose in life. Her signature program, Millionaire DIVAS was successfully launched in 2014 and she has been inspiring women everywhere to claim their abundance and live their passion. In her business, she emphasizes personal, professional and creative grown for Latinas. She has interactive poetry journals, workshops, and seminars.

Her professional accomplishments include the following:

  • An Entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Roots and Wings, a company dedicated to the personal, professional, and creative growth of everyone, with a special emphasis on Latinas;
  • Author of the signature program, Millionaire DIVAS;
  • An educator who has taught from Pre-school to University students with an emphasis on diversity and Dual Language Learners;
  • An Inspirational Latina speaker who has spoken to groups of over 500 on living the life of your dreams, the importance of getting an education, and living your purpose;
  • A Leader in the community as an entrepreneur and collaborator. She is one of the Co-Founders of the RiseUp Leadership Series and sits on a number of boards;
  • A Writer, she is a featured author in Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul, has authored 3 poetry books, and has published numerous professional articles on diversity;
  • A Certified Trainer and Coach for Infinite Possibilities, Mike Dooley’s signature program;
  • Founder of Latina Gratitude Day; and
  • Women of Distinction Award Recipient for 2014 in Senatorial District 33

Throughout her personal, professional, and creative life, Dr. Zulmara has made an exceptional difference in the educational lives of others. She has moved through the ranks by starting new initiatives, getting the job done, and making a difference for our youth, especially dual language learners. She is a role model in the Latina community and often shares her story of success with young Latinas who are the first in their family to go to college. Dr. Zulmara has dedicated her personal, professional, and creative life to diverse populations in all that she does and all that she promotes. She would be an exemplary representative for Hispanic Lifestyle’s Women of Influence recognition.