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Driving with Style | The 2022 Sierra Denali

Driving with Style | The 2022 Sierra Denali

Thoughts and insights by Richard Sandoval

One aspect of producing Hispanic Lifestyle that I truly enjoy is driving vehicles that I don’t own. Our family has two SUVs and yes I do get excited when I get to drive a truck, I mean a real truck. There is just something special about trucks. Maybe it’s a sense of freedom that you are in control of your own destiny especially when you’re shopping at one of the big box stores. You don’t have to think twice about the size of the purchase. Whether it’s a 85 inch TV, a king size bed or the pergola for your backyard. You’ve got a truck, you can take it home right then. You don’t have to call a friend or arrange for delivery service. It’s just nice to have a truck.

First Impression
Driving the 2022 Sierra Denali was a very enjoyable experience. The model we reviewed had just about everything you could imagine; comfortable heated and cooling seats, a large informational display, a great sound system, sun roof, 360 camera for parking and plenty of horsepower. Our family of three rode comfortably. The Sierra Denali provides a smooth and powerful ride, with plenty of storage space in the cab and several outlets for our electronic devices. Oh, did I mention that the seats had a massage feature. The sticker price was around $76,000.

During our week with the 2022 Sierra Denali, we did typical family stuff. Drove to the home improvement center, took our son to his baseball games, and drove around Temecula Valley wine country. Yes it is my go to test driving location. Plenty of hills and great views.

Without a doubt it is a great working vehicle. I loaded video production gear in the back of the truck and headed to Plaza de la Raza located in downtown Los Angeles. During our visit with the Sierra Denali Hispanic Lifestyle was part of a group of Latino organizations that produced the 2022 Los Angeles mayoral forum. Navigating Southern California Freeways and surface streets is the ultimate test driving experience.

Yes, it was a very comfortable ride and I had the opportunity to test the autonomous driving features. I am still adjusting to the autonomous driving experience.There are certain aspects of autonomous driving that are just wonderful, however, I’m from a generation that feels you need to keep your hands on the driving wheel at 10 and two.

The onboard operating system is powered by Google. I operate in the CarPlay/Apple ecosystem myself. So this was a bit of an adjustment. CarPlay works in the vehicle fine, but as of this writing, Apple stated that they will be stepping up it’s CarPlay operating system.

I know we need to talk about the elephant in the room, gas mileage. I am not an economist, but as a business owner I am adjusting to a new normal. In other words the price of gasoline more than likely will be between four and seven dollars a gallon for a while. If you want a truck, you know why you’re purchasing it, so budget accordingly.

Final Thoughts
The 2022 Sierra Denali is a great vehicle for both work and family.

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EXCLUSIVE High Resolution photos, by Richard Sandoval

2022 Sierra GMC Denali


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