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Spotlight | David Escontrias

Spotlight | David Escontrias

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David Escontrias’ knowledge of the Latino community, expertise in professional training and development, and deep passion for providing a valuable service to Latinos has been recognized, as he has just been promoted to Director, Latino Operations, at Combined Insurance, a Chubb company.

Director, Latino Operations, Combined Insurance, a Chubb company

With nearly 5 years at Combined Insurance, this millennial knows how to move through the ranks in an organization through hard work, entrepreneurism, and a positive mental attitude.

Escontrias previously served as the company’s Field Development Manager, National Latino Markets. In this role, he is responsible for designing and delivering agent, manager and executive career development programs, execute new product training at a national level, identify talent for promotion, mentor and coach to build leadership across the Latino market, and provide solutions for improvement in training practices, recruiting, development, and more.

Prior to that, he began his career at the company as an Education Trainer, Escontrias quickly realized that his excellent bilingual ability and multi-cultural background gave him an edge in the company’s Latino growth goals. In early 2012, Combined Insurance announced an initiative they coined as ‘Combined Latino’. The initiative focuses on a holistic approach to serve customers entirely in Spanish and hire high-quality, bilingual talent to do so.

Currently, more than 650 bilingual agents operate out of Florida, Texas, Illinois, North Carolina and serve the Spanish-Speaking community.

In his new role, he will work to continue to support the growth of our Latino sales teams throughout the country, both in existing and new markets. He will serve as the primary point of contact between the Home Office and Latino markets on all sales-related activities, such as persistency, training, operations, claims, and more
David has demonstrated to be a:

  • Mentor and Coach to Sales Employees Across Chicago, Miami, California and Texas
  • An ambassador of the organization at events in the community

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