The recently formed Hispanic Chambers of Commerce of San Francisco (HCCSF), at their first meeting on September 25th. 2012, after registering the organization with the Secretary of States, have elected their Board of Directors.  The HCCSF is formed as an umbrella organization to unite the efforts of four small ethnic chambers from the San Francisco Bay Area. The Nicaraguan-American, Salvadoran-American, Guatemalan-American and Latin American & Caribbean chambers have united in order to solidify their Hispanic branding and to provide better access to capital and services to their membership. Mr. Victor Reyes-Umana, owner of the prestigious Bodega del Sur Winery, and a director of the Salvadoran-American Chamber, has been elected to the position of Chairman of the Board.

The HCCSF results of requests made by former members of the local Hispanic Chamber plus the interest of corporations in working again with small businesses. “This umbrella will allow us to be recognized as a united local Hispanic Chamber at the city, state, national and businesses level, while allowing the individual organizations to maintain their autonomy by functioning as independent chambers as well” expressed the newly elected Chairman of the Board.  “The branding will allow us to have representation at those levels and to be more effective” expressed Mr. Reyes-Umana, “We have a voice from all the active participant chambers represented.  That means, two representatives from each of the chambers. At the same time we selected Mr. Carlos Solórzano, the current CEO of the Latin American & Caribbean chamber to be the CEO to head the HCCSF” stated Mr. Reyes.

Mr. Solórzano has strong background as a chamber and business executive with over 20 years of experience.  He has served at the Solano Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as board member and president, Executive Director of the   Nicaraguan-American and the Latin American and Caribbean and the San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  He also served as a director of the California HCC, representing the Northern Region chamber at state level. His business administration, funding, marketing and knowledge of the chambers intricacies, and experience, bring an array of excellent tools to develop the organization. He has recently been going through the USHCC Foundation Non-profit trainings which, is presented under the prestigious Mendoza College of Business from Notre Dame University. He has received several recognitions, commendations and awards for his work with the Hispanic and Small business communities.

Also elected to the HCCSF board were Mr. A. Raul Hernandez, from the Latin American & Caribbean chamber, Mr. Alvaro Bonilla, and Mr. Carlos Bonilla from the Guatemalan American Chamber of Commerce,  Ms. Martha Vaughan and Ms. Miriam Chaname from the Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce  and Mr. Joaquin Cisneros from the Salvadoran American Chamber of Commerce.  Their bios and information will be placed at the website as soon as possible. Together they will serve to develop, plan, guide and implement the charter, mission and objectives of the HCCSF. Mr. Raul Hernandez was elected as Treasurer and Mr. Alvaro Bonilla as Secretary; as well as Mr. Roberto Barragan, the President of the SFV Economic Development Center and Mr. Victor Ruffrage from Wells Fargo Bank to their Corporate Advisory Board. They are already working establishing partnerships with Visa/Hearthland, OfficeMax, SFVEDC, Aetna, Wells Fargo, Constant Contact and several other corporations.

For more information or to become a member contact: Mr. Carlos Solórzano, CEO, HCCSF, at 415.259.1498 or by email to Their office will be located in the hearth of the Mission District. Their website is currently under construction.