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The Thankful Turkey

The Thankful Turkey

tonyturkey1The Thankful Turkey
A Thanksgiving short story submitted by Dennis Munoz

Once upon a time there was a big friendly turkey named Tony who lived on a farm with other turkeys and many other barnyard animals. Tony and all the barnyard animals knew it was almost time for Thanksgiving because every year at this time, the field of golden corn was harvested and the bright orange pumpkins were cut from their vines and collected by the farmer and his family.

Tony was getting so excited as he watched the farmer and his family happily preparing for the big Thanksgiving feast he watched them prepare every year. The turkey pen was alive with chatter! “Gobble gobble all the food you can because there’s plenty to go around!” The chicken coop was filled with excitement! “Cluck cluck be-cawz this is one big celebration!” The pigs, goats and cows joined in with their own recognition of the big celebration. In the midst of all the celebration, the barnyard animals watched as the farmer walked into his tool shed and walked out holding his big axe. Tony thought it was probably to cut wood as he normally did but really admired how hard the farmer had worked preparing for the big Thanksgiving feast.

Tony looked over to the cozy and warm farmhouse and thought to himself “I sure wish that one day I could be lucky enough to join them for their celebration” as he watched the farmer cutting wood to prepare for tonight’s big celebration. Then Tony had an idea! “Maybe if I strut around the fence a few times I can be noticed and maybe then the farmer would invite me in to join the celebration!” Wouldn’t you know it, after all his efforts of strutting around the barnyard, the farmer walked over to Tony and gently picked him up to carry him to the farmhouse! Tony couldn’t believe his good luck!

Tony was so happy that out of all the barnyard animals, he was the only one picked to join the farmer and his family for the great Thanksgiving celebration! Tony looked back to all the other barnyard animals who were watching him with a look of curiosity. “Hmm, I’ll bet they’re all wishing it was them being invited to the big celebration!” Tony whispered proudly to himself.

As Tony was being carried into the warm and cozy farmhouse that was filled with delicious aromas he’d never experienced before, he noticed big bowls of mashed potatoes, corn, fresh baked breads, and lots of other food he didn’t recognize, all on a beautifully set table!

When Tony saw the table filled with so many types of food and desserts, he knew he was in for a real feast! Just as the farmer was taking Tony to the back of the kitchen, the farmers wife said to the farmer; “Wait!… Why don’t you seat Tony here with us. He will be our guest of honor for this year’s Thanksgiving because we have been blessed beyond our needs, and we shouldn’t be greedy with what we have. This Thanksgiving we will bless others with what God has freely given to us.”

Tony thought to himself, “Gee, I never knew I’d be lucky enough to be invited to the big Thanksgiving celebration, but I sure wish I was dressed! That’s okay, I’ll have more room to stuff myself! Can you pass the cornbread and cranberry please?”


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