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Thank you Mr. Howser

Thank you Mr. Howser

I just learned that Huell Howser a television personality has died.  A couple of months ago Mr. Howser called to talk about an incident. Huell was not happy about how he had handled it, but was appreciative of how I tried to do my best to make everyone feel comfortable. During our conversation he gave me career advice and encouraged me to continue to do what I love.

I admitted to Huell that occasionally I would catch myself doing imitations of him while conducting interviews. His style and choice of stories of allowing everyday people a brief moment to share their passions and knowledge with his audience inspired me to produce Hispanic Lifestyle.

I am glad I had the opportunity to thank him for inspiring me. Cheers to you Mr. Howser for a great career and sharing California’s golden treasures with all of us for so many years.

Richard Sandoval

Producer of Hispanic Lifestyle

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