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New Web Series “Caribe Road” Launches

Caribe Road is an ambitious groundbreaking new action web series that follows the fictional story of U.S. Special Forces commander, Mark Caribe (Hector Bustamante), who is hell bent in starting a new life away from the military after a covert mission goes terribly wrong. But first, under the orders of the President of the United States, Caribe must accept the command of a new elite combat unit calledSFT1 [Special Forces Team One]. Caribe hopes this move will lead him to the terrorist who kidnapped his daughter.

“Caribe Road was born out of a deep rooted desire to say thank you and show appreciation for all the men and women who sacrifice so much to protect our freedom and for the dire need to show Hollywood that a Latino can be showcased in a position of prominence and a positive light (ie my character in Caribe Road heads up a Special Forces unit who works directly for the President of the United States”

“With the digital space making such a huge impact in Hollywood, I no longer have to wait for a studio or network to green lite my show; I can do it myself, giving me the vehicle to push my platform.”   Hector Bustamante

Caribe Road stars award winning actor, Hector Luis Bustamante (The Shield, Southland, Bones), Ransford Doherty (The Closer, Body of Proof), Marlene Forte (Dallas reboot, Star Trek), Jennifer Field (former Miss Asian America, K-Town), Jeannie Bolet (All My Children), Mike Pfaff (Sons Of Anarchy)and Don R Williams (The OC) as the Secretary of Defense).


Caribe Road is dedicated to the brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way everyday to make our world and our Nation a better, safer place to live. A special 9/11 tribute episode was released honoring all the innocent lives lost that day, all our fallen heroes, and our way of remembering all the men and women in uniform and their families for their immeasurable sacrifice.

Caribe Road officially launched on 11/11/11 in remembrance of Veterans Day as a way to honor and say thank you to all the US military veterans and their families who sacrificed so much for the price of freedom. Episode 1 – Rise From the Ashes currently available now on Vimeo –

In partnership with Airsoft Evike, the largest airsoft retailer in the United States, CARIBE ROAD airs exclusively on Evike’s Official Worldwide Facebook Fan Page: with new episodes releasing every 2 weeks.


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