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Latina Conference 2021 | Online April 8, 2021

Latina Conference 2021 | Online April 8, 2021

Latina Conference 2021 "Connecting Latinas of Influence"

April 8, 2021 | Everywhere

ENCORE BROADCAST – APRIL 11, 2021 @ 9:00am PT

Latina Conference 2021 – April 8, 2021

Hispanic Lifestyle is pleased to announce our annual Latina Conference will take place on April 8, 2021 online. The conference will feature several of our 2021 Latinas of Influence honorees.  Please watch for our upcoming online series, Conversations with Latinas of Influence debuting next month. Thank you Wells Fargo Bank, Coca Cola, Inland Empire Health Plan, Mr. Tortilla, Univison 34 and Altura Credit Union  for supporting Hispanic Lifestyle’s efforts to highlight the achievements of our community.  Full program is posted below.


Here is a link to last year’s online presentation Latina Conference 2020.

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Featured Speakers 

Event Program
Latina Conference 2021

9:30 am | Event Opening

9:45 am | Reconnecting with Latinas of Influence

  • Business | 2017 Latina of Influence – Marty Rodriguez, Real Estate 
  • Entertainment |2018 Latina of Influence – Alex Meneses, Actress, Model, and Philanthropist
  • Community | 2013 Latina of Influence – Inez G. Perezchica, Executive Director MANA San Diego
  • Business | 2018 Latina of Influence – Delia Carbajal Hauser, Owner Rumba Room Live

10:45 am | Featured Presentations

  • Community Finance | Robert Lopez, Accessity (formerly Accion)
  • Insights from Director/Writer – Gabriela Tagliavini DGA/WGA
  • Latina Comic Book Superhero “The World of Aluna” – Paula Garces, Actress

Tribute to Our Friends lost to COVID-19

11:00 am | Presentation of Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2021 Latinas of Influence

Closing Comments

Note All times are approximate. Program subject to change without noticed.

Presenters and Speakers
Inez González Perezchica, Ed.D.

Inez González Perezchica, Ed.D.

Dr. Inez González Perezchica is the Executive Director at MANA de San Diego, empowering Latinas through education, leadership development, community service, and advocacy. She was the Founding Director of the Latino Communications Institute (LCI) at Cal State Fullerton. The LCI is a workforce-preparedness program supporting primarily first-generation college students.

Inez gained her media and entertainment expertise during her nine-year tenure at the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), with her last years there as the Executive Vice President. Inez’s accomplishments at NHMC include creating a thriving media policy program; securing national foundation support; and spearheading the groundbreaking studies on hate speech and related public campaigns.

She is a LEAD San Diego alumnus (’01), a fellow of Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) Leadership Training Institute; the Women’s Policy Institute a program of the California’s Women Foundation and the National Hispana Leadership Institute (NHLI).

Inez has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of San Diego; a Master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix; a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government; and a Doctoral degree in Education Leadership from Cal State Fullerton.

Proud to be a binational citizen, Inez was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico.

Inez is a Hispanic Lifestyle 2013 Latina Conference. 

Delia Carbajal Hauser

Growing up with her maternal grandmother in her birth city of El Monte, California, Delia Hauser learned what it meant to have Mexican blood running through her veins. Thanks to her grandmother Carmen, a native of Guanajuato, Mexico, Delia learned the language of one of the greatest Spanish writers, Miguel Cervantes, and developed the love for music of one of the most important entertainer representatives South of the border, Vicente Fernández. But it was the beautiful and exquisite ranchero traditions she fell in love with what made her become an escaramuza, or horsewoman.

She would perform every Sunday at the now legendary Pico Rivera Sports Arena in Pico Rivera, California, with Carmen present front row as her number one fan. “She would never miss a performance”, remembers Delia, whose mother was a Superior Court assistant and, whose father owned an ink manufacturer.

It was during one of those usual Sunday performances that she locked eyes with a charismatic and hardworking parking attendant by the name of Ralph Hauser III, and her world was changed forever. Though Mexican-American Ralph thought blue-eyed Delia only spoke Spanish – a language he did not know – he built up the courage to introduce himself to the ex beauty queen, whose perfect English made communication easy. They were inseparable since then. “Meeting my husband was truly a fairytale”, says Delia. “We knew we were going to be together for a very long time”.

The young couple married full of hopes and dreams less than two years after their first meeting. They became a team whose hard work

led them to take over management to run the entertainment venue where they met, merely six months after their wedding. Delia became Ralph’s Spanish teacher, and he in return, taught her the basics of running a business.

As any young couple, Delia and Ralph were struggling to make ends meet and faced the financial hardships of owning a not so lucrative business, when they found out they were expecting their first child. Wanting to provide the basic needs of a newborn, Delia came up with the idea to sell agua de horchata (a rice water drink). She would make the drink from scratch and personally sell it from a booth she had set up at the venue, during every charreada (a type of rodeo) in Pico Rivera Sports Arena. Her idea was such a success that she not only was able to buy the crib she so desired for her baby, but earned the title of entrepreneur. “That was my first little business”, says Delia with a proud smile.

With the welcoming of their first-born and the rapid success of Pico Rivera Sports Arena, she left the horchata business behind and became a full time mother, quickly tending to a total of six children. She never imagined that destiny would force her to resume her role as a business woman many years later.

In February 2003, Ralph Hauser III was at the peak of his career as one of the most powerful concert promoters in the United States Latin market, managing superstars like Vicente Fernández, Antonio Aguilar, Juan Gabriel, Joan Sebastian, Ana Gabriel and Alejandro Fernández, among others, with a multi-million dollar empire, when he collapsed from a heart attack during a morning exercise routine. He was only 41 years old.

Delia was devastated. Her world crumbled. She now had to look after the well being of five children who had a very close relationship with their father, and face the responsibility of raising a five-month-old infant as a single mother. She also had to build up the strength and courage to stand up and lead the businesses her husband left behind, which included the most popular Latin-themed nightclub at the time called The Rumba Room.

At first, the idea of heading her husband’s empire was inconceivable to her, but the need to provide the basic necessities to her children gave her the strength to stand up to anyone that would tell her she could not do it. “I can still hear my husband say: ‘be tough, you can do it’”, she says.

And she prevailed. Delia has become not only an excellent mother, whose youngest 14 year-old son has met his father through her stories and accomplishments, but a successful woman entrepreneur and role model to her two daughters Brianna and Ali. She has continued leading the Latin entertainment market with reality shows like “Jenni Rivera Presents Chiquis and Raq-C”, along the late singer Jenni Rivera, and helped maintain the success of the legendary Pico Rivera Sports Arena. She was key in the successful tours of the artists her husband once managed, and was able to crown the Rumba Room as a-must- visit landmark in Los Angeles, until its closing in 2011.

Now she is ready to honor her husband once again, but credit herself with the opening of the Rumba Room Live in Anaheim, California, to serve not only the growing Latin community in the area, but to showcase the beautiful Latin music, culture and traditions to all ethnic background visitors. “It is a bittersweet moment, I wish I was opening the club with my husband alive, but I know he would be proud”, says the grandmother of one. “I’m so excited that Rumba Room is finally here. For me, it’s a pretty big accomplishment”.

Rumba Room Live in Anaheim is the first of many she hopes to open all over the United States, setting an example to all women that can relate to her story. “People say not to give up, but really, don’t give up. I was told so many times, even from family members, to give up, but I pushed through. Don’t let people tell you what to do. Believe in yourself and in what you are doing and anything is possible”, she says.

Though her entrepreneurship has led her to become one of the most successful women in the Latin entertainment market, nothing makes her more proud and happy than being a mother of six and a grandmother to young Charlie. “I want my children to be good people, caring, to excel in everything they do, to follow their heart”, she says. “I want them to grow up to be good human beings, as I know my husband would have wanted”.

Bio by Norma Elena Pérez Juárez

Marty Rodriguez

Marty Rodriguez

Marty Rodriguez has a simple business philosophy: To bring happiness to herself and to others by being the best example that she can be; to inspire and change lives; and, to bring out the best in the people whose lives she touches.That philosophy can be seen every day in the “Rules of the Road” that is clearly posted for all to see. For Marty, a 43-year veteran of the real estate industry, these words are more than just a motto – they literally define the way she lives. And because she takes these words to heart, living by them has resulted in achieving a level of success that only a select few can claim.
Growing up in El Monte – in a two-bedroom home with a single bathroom – the children attended school and worked with their parents whenever possible, cleaning houses, cleaning walnuts, taking in ironing, or by doing other odd jobs.
Rather than allowing circumstances to limit their expectations, Marty’s parents, Felix and Rosalina Castruita, encouraged their children – all 11 of them – to settle for absolutely nothing less than the best.
Marty’s first job in real estate sales was in partnership with another agent at a CENTURY 21® office. And if there were ever any question as to whether or not Marty had chosen the right path, the achievement of $1 million in sales during that first year erased any chance for doubt.
Marty more than survived the tumultuous market of the late 80s and early 90s: she thrived. She sped past the $10 million in sales volume achieved in 1986, earned more than $500,000 in closed commissions in 1988, and was bestowed double honors by the CENTURY 21 System in 1991: she was named World Sales Champion and inducted in to the Century 21 International Hall of Fame.
Building on her success, Marty continued to receive accolade after accolade, earning World Sales Champion in 1991, 1992 and 1993, making her the first in the history of the Century 21 System to receive that honor for three consecutive years. She would again be ranked number one in the world in 1997.
With 24 years of record-breaking accomplishments under her belt, she opened the doors to Century 21 Marty Rodriguez in 1996. Currently the office includes 13 agents and a support staff of 14. Sales records continue to fall.
It would be hard to enjoy this level of professional success without having at least some semblance of balance in her family life. Marty has gone a step further, and firmly believes that children should not only share in but should learn to appreciate the work their parents are dedicated to.
Two of the four children that Marty and husband Ed have raised have pivotal positions in the agency, with daughter Shelley, a USC Marshall School of Business graduate, at the helm as Broker and son Sean is the brain behind the agency’s computer system and Internet presence. He also helped his father expand the agency’s office into an 11,000 square foot complex owned by Marty and Ed.
The honors are too numerous to mention, but today Marty is the embodiment of personal and professional success, for her clients, her team and for industry contemporaries. Her tenacity and tireless devotion to the work that she loves, balanced with a genuine concern to the needs of her clients makes Marty Rodriguez the logical choice for meeting all of your real estate needs.

Alex Meneses
Recently announced on Deadline, ALMA Award nominated actress, model, and philanthropist Alex Meneses stars alongside Jared Padalecki and Lindsey Morgan in the CW’s new hit series “Walker”, which premiere gave the network it’s best Thursday viewership in 3 years. We would love to arrange an interview with you and the fiery Latina to discuss the new series, shooting during the pandemic, as well as her illustrious career, which is now all available for STREAMING, including CBS’ “Why Women Kill,” The CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” CBS’s “Everybody Loves Raymond,” NBC’s “Telenovela,” “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman,” and the film SELENA.

A reimagining of the long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” “Walker” follows the adventures of Cordell Walker (Padalecki), a widower and father of two with his own moral code, as he returns home to Austin after being under cover for two years, only to discover there’s harder work to be done at home. He must attempt to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenage daughter and navigate clashes with his family — an ADA brother who stepped in during Walker’s absence, his perceptive mother and his traditional rancher father. Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death. Meneses plays ‘Adriana’, Micki’s (Morgan) mother, a successful psychiatrist and published author. She is a strong personality who’s manipulative and very invasive when it comes to her daughter Micki’s life. Please use the following link to view the trailer: CW’s “Walker”

Alex is a Chicago native who fell in love with acting while in high school after being inspired by a performance from Rita Moreno in “West Side Story.” Following high school, Alex landed a modeling contract and moved to Europe where she worked regularly in Italy, France and Greece. Upon her return to the US, she entered The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute to hone her acting skills. Alex first rose to fame as ‘Teresa Morales’ on CBS’ hit series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman,” and would later go on to receive an ALMA Award nomination, as well as a Comedy Award nomination for her role as the luscious Italian girlfriend of Brad Garrett on the hit CBS sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

When Alex is not busy acting, she can be found dedicating her time, money and heart to her philanthropic and volunteer work. Alex has served on the Board of Trustees at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for over ten years and has helped to raise tens of millions of dollars for the hospital. She also serves on the Boards for United Hope for Animals and The Chicago Symphony and is a member of The Chicago Historical Society.

Gabriela Tagliavini
Gabriela Tagliavini is an award-winning writer and director who has worked on several original TV series and seven feature films. She helmed 3 movies that became the #1 most seen movies in Mexico and Spain. Gabriela is currently in post-production of a TV series for Warner Brothers and is finishing a series bible for Viacom.
For television, Tagliavini recently was an EP and helmed the pilot and 4 episodes of the TV series “Casa Grande” for Warner Brothers. Last year, she created “Divas” an original pilot and series bible for Sony. Previously, she directed the pilot and 2 episodes of the comedy series “Claramente” for the platform Claro Video. Before that, she directed an 8-camera live show, “Comedy Rehab,” for Comedy Central, and wrote the pilot “My Exes” for Televisa. Early in her career, she won the prestigious ABC directing fellowship program, shadowing shows like “Desperate Housewives” and “Hanna Montana” among others. In 2018, Gabriela sold a TV pitch to Amazon Studios to create her own TV series as showrunner, “My Problem With Women,” produced by former NBC topper Ben Silverman.
Gabriela Tagliavini’s latest feature film, “Despite Everything”, was a Netflix original and it was released in 190 countries and 18 languages. It’s the most viewed Spanish movie on Netflix in Spain in 2019. Her previous film “How To Break Up With Your Douchebag” (“Como Cortar a tu patan”) opened #1 in the box-office in Mexico, topping “Blade Runner.” For this film, Tagliavini was nominated for Imagen Awards for Best Director and Best Picture of the year. She was the only female director to be nominated in the category, which also included Guillermo del Toro’s “Shape of Water” and Disney’s “Coco”.
Tagliavini’s film “Border Run” starred Sharon Stone, Miguel Rodarte, Manolo Cardona and Billy Zane. It was produced by Anchor Bay, Starz and Voltage Pictures. For this film, Gabriela was also nominated for Best Picture of the year at the Imagen Awards. Before that, she directed and wrote “Without Men,” staring Eva Longoria, Kate Del Castillo and Christian Slater, which was sold worldwide (in 30 countries). Her TV movie, the Viacom/VH1/MTV feature “30 Days Until I’m Famous,” premiered on VH1. It starred Sean Patrick Flanery and Carmen Electra and was executive-produced by Madonna. Gabriela also directed the legendary Mike Tyson in a comedy for AMBI in Canada.
Gabriela’s film “Ladies’ Night” (distributed by Disney/Buena Vista) was the #1 movie at the box office in Mexico for the year 2004 (per Variety). It won three MTV Latin Movie Awards. Its soundtrack released by Sony went platinum. For her directorial debut, “The
Woman Every Man Wants” (aka “Perfect Lover”), she won Best Director at 3 film festivals including the New York Independent Film Festival and the Munich Film Festival.
As a screenwriter, she wrote the English remake of the prestigious Luis Buñuel’s film “Belle De Jour” and adapted the best-selling novel “The Anatomist” for HBO Films. She is a renowned author and had two novels published that received critical acclaim.
Gabriela Tagliavini was selected for the Sundance and WIF’s Women Initiative and was honored with a “Life Achievement” award from the Baja Film Festival. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in film directing and a Master’s Degree in screenwriting from the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI). She lives in Los Angeles and is represented by Zero Gravity and CAA.
Paula Garces
Paula Garces is an actress, producer and entrepreneur that has been breaking down barriers and opening doors in Hollywood. She is best known for her role as Maria in the franchise cult-classic Harold and Kumar and can currently be seen on Netflix’s hit comedy series On My Block. This spring she will release her popular comic book superhero The World of Aluna to video game. Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards, releasing this April, will bring comic’s first female Latina superhero to video games.
Garces was born in Medellin, Colombia. Her father was a fisherman, and her mother was as schoolteacher. At the age of seven her parents relocated to Harlem in New York City. Shortly after, she began acting in commercials and then made her first film debut in Dangerous Minds (1995), Paramount’s teen sci-fi adventure Clockstoppers (2002), starring opposite Jesse Bradford and Marci X (2003), opposite Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans.
She has also starred in hit primetime series such as The Shield, Defying Gravity, and Warehouse 13. Her acting credits also include TNT’s Major Crimes, The Sopranos, Law & Order: SVU, CSI: Miami, The Good Wife, Elementary, Knight Rider, Chase, and Breakout Kings.
In 2008, Garces made her San Diego Comic-Con debut with the release of her very popular Latina Comic Book Superhero The World of Aluna, which she voiced as an avatar to millions of gaming fans in the multi online battle arena world. Her entrepreneurship didn’t stop with just a comic book. She soon after began developing the video game and a live action series.
Liliana Castaneda

Liliana Castaneda manages Wells Fargo’s community banking business in the company’s Conejo Valley District. In this role, she leads customer experience, team member experience, risk management and growth across nine Wells Fargo branches in the Ventura County communities of Oak Park, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, as well as Agoura Hills and Calabasas in Los Angeles County—a footprint that includes nearly 130 employees.

A 12-year Wells Fargo veteran, Castaneda is based in Oxnard, Calif. Newer to the Tri-Counties, she transferred from Oregon to take the helm of Wells Fargo’s Channel Islands District in 2019 before being promoted to her current position in 2020.

Castaneda joined Wells Fargo in 2008 as a branch manager in Salem, Ore. She later managed branches in Hillsboro and Tualatin, Ore. before being promoted to district manager and vice president in 2012.

A native of Mexico, Castaneda is bilingual. She earned an associate’s degree in business from Pioneer Pacific College.

Castaneda married her high school sweetheart and is the proud mom of three beautiful daughters—including a 2020 Newbury High School graduate. She enjoys deepening her new roots with her family in Ventura County, and getting to know all of the iconic spots along the Central Coast.

Robert Lopez
Mr. Lopez re-joined Accessity in July of 2018 after previously working for the organization from 2008 to 2014 and is responsible for lending staff supervision and training, program development, underwriting, loan portfolio quality, compliance management, loss mitigation and recovery, and operational efficiency. Lopez received a B.A. in Urban Studies, with an emphasis in Public Administration from San Diego State University and has a Masters of Public Administration Program from SDSU. He has 15 years’ experience in small business banking and lending and is bilingual in English and Spanish. Prior employment includes work with VEDC as their Chief Operating Officer, Dealstruck as their Servicing Director where he oversaw client services and portfolio risk management, Union Bank of California, California Coast Credit Union, Coast Central Credit Union, & Fannie Mae. Lopez was awarded the 2013 Community Service SBA Award and the 2020 Financial Services Champion of the Year award from the SBA.
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