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Program #5123 – Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Hispanic Lifestyle set up our cameras in the offices of the Orange County Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and spent the afternoon speaking with their members and Latino community leaders. We begin this segment by speaking with Ms. Pricilla Lopez the executive director and CEO of the chamber who spoke about purpose the organization serves in the community.

Our visit to the Chamber included spending time with incoming chairman of the organization Javier Mier. Although he just moved to the area a few years ago, Javier spoke about building his business through professional organizations.

Completing his term as Chairman of the chamber is Reuben Franco who spoke about the organizations activities and how they benefit the membership.

Maria de Lourdes Sobrino is Founder and CEO of Lulu’s Dessert® Corporation.  Established in 1982 Lulu’s Dessert® is considered one of the fastest growing Latino owned businesses in the United States. Maria began our conversation by talking about her first business and getting started in the ready to eat food industry.


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