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Program #5122 – Hispanic Marketing

Hispanic Lifestyle took our cameras out to the city of Las Vegas where the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies were gathering for their annual Media and account management conference. But before we meet a few of AHAA members we drop in for a conversation with Adolfo Lopez a national sales manager with MGM Grand who spoke about Las Vegas and mentioned some must see attractions on the strip.

Since we were in Las Vegas attending a conference addressing the value of the Latino consumer market, we asked Adolfo if would discuss MGM’s focus on addressing this important market segment.


Hold on lets repeat that. Horacio Gavilán the executive director of Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies just stated the the value of the Latino consumer market is one trillion dollars.

This is a major milestone. Horacio went on to talk about the health of the association and its members.

In the past when companies started to cut their advertising budgets, Hispanic marketing dollars were always the first to eliminated. I asked Ms. Ingrid Smart of Casanova Pendrill if this was the case during these tough economic times.

A past chair person of AHAA, Ingrid spoke about her professional background and her passion for Hispanic Marketing.

One of the attendees of the conference Aliza A. Lifshitz, MD choose this occasion to announce the launching of the website Dr. Lifshitz, spoke about the different elements of the health focused website.

Taking a turn as the head of AHAA is Gisela Girard President & COO of Creative Civilization. Ms. Girard started our conversation by talking about the challenges and opportunities facing Hispanic advertising agencies.

Along with her partner Al Aguilar they establish their agency in 1999. Gisela spoke about heading her own firm and the passion she has for the industry.


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