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HLTV Program #155 Cars and Artists

HLTV Program #155 Cars and Artists

Hispanic Lifestyle Show notes and links to episode #155

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Welcome to Hispanic Lifestyle, I’m your host Richard Sandoval and in this edition:

We take a look at concept cars at the Auto Show, and visit with Latino artists. Cars and Art are featured in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

It was Hispanic Lifestyle’s first visit to an auto show and it was truly an eye opening experience.  As expected automakers focused on alternative energy vehicles and companys from around the world took this occasion to debut their concepts that just might make into production.


We first met with automobile designer Niki Smart who spoke to us about Cadillac’s Urban luxury concept car.

Mr. Smart spoke about the process and the various stages of getting a car into production.


Next we meet Larkin Hill who spoke about why Mercedes Benz was participating in the auto show.

Known as a luxuary vehicle manufacture, we asked Ms. Hill about Mercedes Benz product line and their customer base.

(CLS 63 AMG)


Representing Jaguar Landrover was Stuart Schorr who began our conversation by talking about Jaguar’s concept car the CX75.

Mr. Schoor spoke about Jaguars product line and plans for the future.


Hispanic Lifestyle was on location at the Annual Latino Book and Family Festival. This visit we decided to speak with Latino artists who have supported this event for several years. First up we meet with nationally known artist Ignacio Gomez who was born raised in East Los Angeles and we spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about his career as a professional artist.

Recognized early on as very talented artist, Ignacio talked about becoming a professional.

Having produced hundreds of pieces of artwork, we asked Ignacio about his personal favorites.

We finished our visit with Ignacio by asking about current and future plans for his creations.

Yolanda Gonzalez

Artist Yolanda Gonzalez gave us insights into her creative background.

I asked Yolanda about the subjects featured in her paintings and how they resembled her own likeness.

We finished our conversation by asking Yolanda to talk about some of her favorite pieces.

Juan Solis


Next up we meet artist Juan Solis who spoke about how he devolped his talent.

We asked Juan to talked about the influence of fellow artist George Yepes in his own paintings.

Latin Inspired Designs

As fate would have it earlier in the day I had received a friend request and communication from Susana Hernandez of Latin Inspired Designs.  At the festival we had a chance to meet and have a conversation on camera about her new venture.

We finished our conversation by talking about the furture of Latin Inspired Designs.


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