Healthy Habits for the Holidays

by Angie Lustrick, CN, CPT of Angie’s World

Let’s talk Turkey! Yes, we are decking the halls and stuffing the turkey. We are getting ready to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. The problem is that we stuff ourselves at the same time. Then the most UN-wonderful time of the year starts with acid reflux, gastro-intestinal discomfort and weight gain! How do we enjoy this happy fun filled time without getting ourselves into a unhealthy rut? I have a few suggestions to help you along.

My top 3 tips to help you succeed during the holidays!!

Angie Lustrick, CN, CPT

Angie Lustrick, CN, CPT

1. First, don’t let your work out routine go by the way side. Even if you can’t keep up your normal pace, put in at least 2 gym visits per week. In addition give yourself 5 minutes in the morning. Do 20 jumping jacks, do 10 push ups and then do 20 ab crunches. It will take about 30 seconds. Do 5-10 rounds of this with no rest and trust me, your metabolism will be on fire and your immune system will thank you. Finish off with a minute of stretching and you have set the pace for the day.

2. When I go to holiday parties I always have a protein shake an hour or 2 before. This keeps my nibbling to a minimum especially when I am unsure of what will be served. I can then indulge a bit without feeling deprived and also prevent my blood sugar from dropping and turning me into Jaba The Hut looking for any pretty creme puff that comes my way.

3.  DO NOT STARVE yourself to make up for your indiscretions! This is a formula for fat storage. So if you fall off the wagon one day, commit to getting back on the the health horse the next day. Your body

can recover from one day of splurging but if you beat yourself up and then say “What’s the use anyway”, you will end up with that extra weight that you will curse yourself for in January.

I always believe that if you can get through the holidays and maintain your weight NO MATTER WHAT IT IS, you will win at the holiday game. You will have diverted the 5-8lb that most Americans gain between Halloween and New Years and your resolutions for 2011 will be better than they have ever been before. So this season give yourself and your family the best gift you can give them, a happy, healthy YOU!!

About Angie

Angie Lustrick is a certified nutritionist and an ACSM certified personal trainer. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of California, Riverside and her degree in nutrition at American Health Science University. Angie is the President of Angie’s World – a personal training and nutrition center located in Riverside. Angie is a professional public speaker and has made numerous appearances in print and live media. Recently, Angie filmed a miniseries for PBS- KVCR on Hispanic Lifestyles in which she gives nutritional and exercise advice. In the past, Angie has also been heard or seen on NPR radio, Spencer PowerHour, Personal,, SpikeTV and many more. She has produced two exercise videos and has developed a line of personal skin care products. Angie’s website is