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HLTV Program #148 Access to our Capitol

HLTV Program #148 Access to our Capitol

Show notes and script. Program #148 ” Access to our Capitol

Program # 148 Tease

Welcome to Hispanic Lifestyle, I’m your host Richard Sandoval and in this edition:Sacramento, California

Hispanic Lifestyle returns to Sacramento for part 2 of our series how business  . . . meets legislation.

Access to our Capitol is covered is the focus of this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle

Javier Mier

Hispanic Lifestyle had a chance to speak with The Chairman of the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Mier. A business owner himself, Javier is also the President of Mier Benefit Group.

Javier talks about the status and activities of the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

The economy has hit businesses hard, we asked Javier how the Chamber, a non-profit organization has weather this economic crisis.

Access to capital is a major challenge for small businesses and Javier explains how the chambers is assisting their members and small businesses.

Javier talks about the skills he brought to the Orange County Hispanic Chamber.

Javier shares his thoughts on working with the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Ginny Velasquez – TeamPersona

We move on to speaking with Ginny Velasquez of Teampersona a temporary staffing agency. Ginny gives Hispanic Lifestyle an overview of the company she founded.

Ginny explains the process of procurement for Latino small businesses

We asked Ginny, should a business become become minority certified.

We finish our conversation by discussing her involvement with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Contra Costa County

James Guitierez

We next meet James Guitierez is the President of Progreso Financiero and explains this  new kind of financial services company.

He goes on to explain how Progreso Financiero began and its growth over the years.

Providing his perspective on Latinos and financial institutions, James talks about making an impact in the community.

James had just finished speaking to the attendees of the legislative conference and share with Hispanic lifestyle his message to the audience.

Jesus Vargas – VSCE

Jesús Vargas is co-founder of VSCE a small that business that assists both public and private firms with project management services for construction projects. In this segment Jesús talks about his activities with community based organizations.

We asked Jesús as a member of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce legislative community he talks the information he shares with members

Also member of the San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he goes on to talks about their issues and activities.

Jesús provides insights on the steps San Joaquin has taken to strengthened itself.

Jose Solorio

Our cameras move on to meet with California State Assembly member Jose Solorio. The legislator talks about the issues facing the district he represents.

Assembly member Solorio spoke about his current legislative work.

Solorio talks about his efforts to overcome the uncertainty in California’s Economic Crisis

The Assembly member ends our conversation talking about his future plans.


Ken Macias

We end our visit to California’s state capitol by visiting with Chairman Ken Macias of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The Chairman reflects on the positives of the Legislative Conference.

Mr. Macias places the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in the activities in perspective.

Chairman Macias explains more thoroughly why the Chamber decided to oppose the Arizona’s SB1070 bill.


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