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Disney’s World of Color

Hispanic Lifestyle was invited to participate in Disney resorts newest attraction, World of Color at the theme park California Adventure.

World of Color is a hydrotechnic show that includes 1,200 fountains, lasers, lights, and fire with High Definition video projections on mist screens featuring moments from many of Disney’s most beloved films.

Prior to the inaugural show, we covered a unique Blue Carpet event where celebrities and puppeteers moved towards Paradise Bay.


After the Blue Carpet event, our cameras were allowed exclusive access to some of the characters and individuals who helped produce and bring life to the World of Color.

Our friends Pochantas and Jose Hernandez, share their thoughts on what World of Color represents to them.


Hector Zubieta is on the Maximo team that works with the Computer Maintenance Management System for the Disneyland Hong Kong and Orland resorts.

This system is responsible for the technical aspects of the world of Color show.

Hector begins our conversation by telling us how World of Color is an immersive attraction.



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