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HLTV Episode #188 Actors, Producers, Writers

HLTV Episode #188 Actors, Producers, Writers

These are the notes and links to Hispanic Lifestyle episode number HLTV188, Actors, Producers, and Writers.

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle, we celebrate Latino Image, and talk new media.  Actors, Producers and writers are featured, in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

27th Annual Imagen Awards

Once again we find ourselves greeting and talking with celebrity arrivals at the 27th Annual Imagen Foundation Awards.  I was over powered by the talented actress Constance Marie who took over our microphone and spoke about style and her career.

Jon Huertas is featured on the ABC television program Castle. I enjoyed the program and asked Jon if he would give insights into their upcoming season.

(Career and Castle) 

Jon went on to talk about the chemistry of with working the cast and crew of Castle.

(Upcoming Projects)

Next we spoke with the always captivating Judy Reyes who knows how to put an interviewer in his place.

(Latino Image) 

Exclusive photos taken by Richard Sandoval
[flickr_set id="72157631013198628"]

Judy went on to talk about her latest project on Lifetime.

Actress Kate Del Castillo stop by and commented on celebrating Latino Image with her peers.

I asked Hector Elizondo his thoughts on being surround by all the new faces attending this years event.

Next we meet actress Bella Thorne who talked about working on the television program Shake it up.

Also appearing on Shake it up is Adam Irigoyen who spoke about the progress of the show and his latest career moves.

Providing the voice for the character Dora on the popular animated series Dora the Explorer is Fatima Ptacek who talked about her experience in the getting the role.

(A Fan of Dora) 

Fatima spoke about her love of performing.

When asked about her petite size Seychelle Gabriel went on to talk about strength of her character.

I asked Veronica Diaz-Carranza if she would talk about her new film Mamitas.

Web series are becoming a popular vehicle for creative artists to showcase their work. At this years Imagen Awards Hispanic Lifestyle spoke with producers and actors on the success and recognition of their projects. First up we speak with actor producer Hector Bustamante about his web series.

(Project Funding) 

Noah Comprende (Jorge Diaz)

Consider a favorite to win in their category Los Americans director/ producer Dennis Leoni and actress Yvonne De La Rosa spoke about being in the spotlight.


One of the feature actors in Los Americans was Lupe Ontiveros who had just lost her battle with Liver Cancer. I asked Dennis if he would share his thoughts having with working with Lupe over the years.

The multitalented, award winning Rick Najera stop by to talk about his latest project with CBS.

Producer Johnathan Gwyn talked about the nomination for his project “The Lupe Casares Special: A Mind Without Boarders (Mi Casa Broadcasting Network/Houston, Texas)

(Nellie Gonzalez)

We finish our time at the Imagen Awards by handing our mic over to model – hostess and longtime Hispanic Lifestyle friend, Denise Ruiz.


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