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Book | Running the Bases in America

Book | Running the Bases in America
Innovative Book Helps Latinos With Their Finances And Lifestyle
Patricia Mendez -Hall, financial advisor with more then 25 years of experience has written the book Running the Bases in America in which she describes in a very simple way, eleven basic lifestyle and money management tips that will help out any Latino in the United States.
Her passion for helping families resolve their financial problems has always been her top priority.  It was that passion as well as her work with different national baseball teams (including the Dodgers), what inspired her to write this self-help book for Latino players in the United States.
Running the Bases in America presents the best tips on how to manage your money in the United States and how to easily adapt to the country’s lifestyle. The book contains information beneficial to both people that are new to the Unites States as well as for people that have already lived here for many years.
Patricia uses a very simple, easy-to-understand language so that any reader can follow and comprehend the topics explained in the book. Some of these topics include how to obtain a drivers license, how to buy your first car, how to obtain your first credit card, what interest rates are and how they work, the different type of loans, and what to take into account when opening a bank account.
Patricia Mendez-Hall, born into a Mexican family in Arizona, started her career as a financial and investment planner in companies such as Home Saving of America, EF Hutton, Wells Fargo and Bank of America.  After years in the business, Patricia decided to open her own business in which she could put the interests of her clients first instead of the company’s, which she noticed was what other companies did.
Her altruistic spirit and her passion for the game of baseball guided her to start working with several Latino baseball players from the Los Angeles Dodgers such as Juan Castro, that needed her help and guidance as they came to the United States for the first time and had to learn how things work in this country. As a financial planner, she helped many of these players that found themselves in financial trouble due to their poor money management.
Patricia’s personality, genuine passion for helping others, and her interest in stopping the abuse of Latinos in this country, have driven her to travel the nation spreading her knowledge in order to empower people to take control of their lives and money. For those same reasons, she published Running the Bases in America, through which she hopes to help many people.

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