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Honoree |, a full-service digital marketing agency has been selected as a Hispanic Lifestyle 2018 Survived and Thrived Business Honoree. along with their follow honorees will participate in Hispanic Lifestyle’s BizCon 2018 taking place on June 7, 2018 at the Ontario Airport Hotel and Conference Center.

Margaret Hernandez Brown is the founder and chief digital strategist of, a full-service digital marketing agency which began servicing clients in 2008. Margaret helps companies build digital brands, maximize social media and develop profitable social business plans. She is so passionate about digital business that she launched the #FlexYourInfluence membership program to support marketers and business owners! Today, has experienced explosive growth while helping clients achieve success. She travels around the country and offers comprehensive online training helping professionals get noticed. Margaret and her team prove that “There’s Value in Getting Noticed.”

I launched my company in 2008. Some thought I was crazy for 3 main reasons: I quit a steady well paying job, I didn’t know ANYTHING about business ownership (didn’t even really know a business owner), started my company in a recession in our country. Nonetheless, I went on with it anyway! I was living in NYC at the time. I quit my job, subletted my apartment and moved back to CA to cut my living expensive (moved in with my amazing abuela). For the next two years I learned how to own a business. I also suffered financially in those first few years. Seems starting a business wasn’t going to be as turn key as I thought.

For the nay sayers who kept telling me what a bad time in our economy it was to start a business, I responded with “when the economy improves my business will be ready just in time.” That’s what happened. I did so much learning in those lean years. I had every reason to quit, but my heart told me to persevere. Today we’re an agency of 8, serving businesses across the country and world.

I survived, I thrived, and continue to rise.  And I’m helping others along the way!   Margaret Hernandez Brown, Follow Margaret and her company #FlexYourInfluence / @socializela / @MargMarieB


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