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Viva Bordeaux, a new online recipe guide

Viva Bordeaux, a new online recipe guide created by the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux (the Bordeaux Wine Council) and chef/TV personality Doreen Colondres, which showcases the natural and delicious union of Latin American cuisine and affordable Bordeaux wines launched today. Comprised of five recipes including Mini Arepas with Avocado and Ají Amarillo Tuna Tartare; Bife De Chorizo, Mangú Cilantro Gremolata and Sweet Plantain; Banana and Rum “Quesillo” with Goat Chesse Cream and Fresh Mint, the guide offers at-home cooks new techniques, ingredients and affordable Bordeaux wine pairings for preparing and enjoying classic Latin American dishes.

Doreen Colondres

Doreen Colondres

According to Colondres, her recipe for “Bife de Chorizo” features a flavorful Argentinian beef cut called New York Strip in the US and “Mangú” is a delicious plantain mash, typically from the Dominican Republic. It is great with an elegant Bordeaux, such as the 2009 La Bastide Dauzac from Margaux. The quesillo in the Viva Bordeaux recipe guide is creamier than traditional flan because regular fresh milk and milk powder is used instead of evaporated milk. That dish pairs to perfection with the Bordeaux region’s Sauternes because of the well-balanced acid on this Bordeaux wine and the saltiness and sweetness of the dessert.

“The Bordeaux wine region has a long rich culinary tradition that is marked by Basque and Spanish influences,”
 said Fabien Bova, managing director of the Bordeaux Wine Council.  “Pairing Bordeaux wines with traditional Latin American dishes is literally a ‘palate made and wallet made match,’ as the region produces many affordable and accessible whites, reds and Sauternes.”

The recipes in the Viva Bordeaux Cookbook are inspired and paired with wines from the Today’s Bordeaux selection, an exemplar program of the versatile types of affordable Bordeaux consumers can find in the United States. The average price of these wines featured in the cookbook is $26 and they can be found throughout the greater United States.

Colondres said, “I am delighted to be working with The Bordeaux Wine Council and to furthering the understanding of how Bordeaux wines compliment the fresh, seasonal and healthy ingredients used in the Latin American dishes that I grew up with. The Viva Bordeaux Recipe Guide was designed to show at-home cooks how a few simple procedural and ingredient changes, accompanied with a Bordeaux wine pairing, can transform everyday dishes into elegant dining experiences.”

The Viva Bordeaux Recipe Guide, available in Spanish and English, can be downloaded from or Doreen Colondres’ website –

The Bordeaux Wine Council (Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux or CIVB), founded in 1948, represents the three families of the Bordeaux wine industry: winegrowers, wine merchants, and brokers. The CIVB advocates for and strengthens the Bordeaux region through data collection and study, technical and environmental analysis, and global communications initiatives. To learn more about the region of Bordeaux and its wines, visit:

Doreen Colondres, an expert in Hispanic cooking, is a leading figure in today’s “cocina latina” movement. Doreen is passionate about teaching people to cook with fresh, healthy, seasonal ingredients. She is a sought-after television personality and food editor, a natural-born cook, and an accomplished expert on food and wine. Doreen travels the world seeking to expand her knowledge and understanding of Hispanic foods and cooking techniques.


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