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Travel | The SAHARA Las Vegas

Travel | The SAHARA Las Vegas

The iconic hotel is owned by the Meruelo Group

In this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle, while in Las Vegas, we had a chance to meet executives with the Sahara Hotel and Casino. The origins of the hotel date back to 1952 and is now owned by the Meruelo Group, which is led by it’s founder, Alex Meruelo.

Our conversation with Derek Tadashi Morishita, Vice President, Food & Beverage at Sahara Las Vegas touched on the property’s recent transformation and of course, the food.

We asked Sahara executive chef, Juan Villa for his recommendations for a memorial dinning experience while staying at the resort.

Recorded on location in Las Vegas on June 28, 2023

Sahara Hotel
Meruelo Group
Derek Tadashi Morishita, Vice President – Food & Beverage at Sahara Las Vegas
Juan Villa, Executive Chef Culinary at Sahara Las Vegas

A few interesting facts about the Sahara Hotel.
The Beatles stayed at the hotel in 1964
Location of the last performance of the comedy duo, Abbott and Costello 1956
Filming location for the 1960 film Ocean’s 11.

Also, I never thought I would be able to include my favorite band, the Beatles and one of my favorite singers, Frank Sinatra in a segment of Hispanic Lifestyle.

Meruelo Group is a privately-held company providing strategic consulting and business support services to a diversified group of client companies across a wide range of industries including: Construction and Engineering, Hospitality and Gaming, Television, Radio, Real Estate, Food Services, Financial Services, and Private Equity.

Under the leadership of founder Alex Meruelo, quality, innovation and diversification have become our benchmarks. These core principles, instilled in the Meruelo Group family of companies, drive each aspect of our business from operations to management. Alex has been dedicated to driving change and breathing passion into all aspects of business, and over the years has become a dedicated entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist to the community.


Below are Hispanic Lifestyle’s exclusive photos from our visit to the Sahara.

2023 Sahara Hotel and Casino

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