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The Rams, Sofi Stadium and a December Sunday

Our family’s adventure to experience professional football in Inglewood, California. 

When the Rams returned to Southern California, I decided to become a fan again.  Like many of us, when the team left Anaheim for St. Louis, I decided to follow other teams and players. When they return Los Angeles, my son’s and I went to a game at the Los Angeles Coliseum. There was energy, but not like the experience you get when you watch a game a SoFi Stadium.  

Sofi Stadium
Our family of three has been to a couple of games over the last two years, at Sofi Stadium. Our last visit was this past Sunday when the Ram’s played the Commanders. I purchase our tickets on SeatGeek. I am not crazy about paying the extra fees, but the seats are good. We like the 200 section, we have good seats and the tickets are a decent value.

Parking and Travel time
We are based in the Menifee Valley area of south Riverside County. We allocate about 2 hours of drive time to Sofi Stadium and this is on a Sunday for a 1:05 kick-off. We found parking at the Hollywood Park Casino lot to be convenient. Although staff members offer upgrades for a faster exit, we opted not to take advantage of this option. Navigating through street traffic post-game is inevitable but manageable. We pre-paid and the cost with fees was $88.

Pre Game
I could not believe the amount of street vendors on walk to the stadium. Not only can you purchase hotdogs wrapped in bacon, you can purchase beer and shots of tequila. Drinking while walking isn’t confined to Las Vegas anymore.

Our advice, just take what is necessary to watch the game. DON’T BRING A BIG PURSE TO the stadium. Security personnel limits the size of the bag you can enter the stadium with and it needs to be CLEAR. Suggestion, bring your own water, it convenient and will save you a few dollars.

The Food
On this visit with the long lines for food, I took this opportunity to try the UBER EATS APP. It was a little confusing at first because of the learning curve. The app ask what section you are in and then shares what options are on the menu. This was the second time we enjoy the food station titled Olvera Street.  Good tacos, Birria burritos and yes hotdogs.  With a soft drink our spend was about $50.00. 

Our Sunday adventure to watch a professional football game at Sofi Stadium ranged about $600-650. That includes tickets, food, parking for the three of us. The Ram’s won and we had a great experience.  What more can you ask for on a beautiful 78 degree December day in Southern California.

submitted by Richard Sandoval, for Hispanic Lifestyle


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