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2020 Latina of Influence | Nora Guerra

2020 Latina of Influence | Nora Guerra

Hispanic Lifestyle is pleased to recognize National Affordable Lending Manager at Freddie Mac, Nora Guerra as a 2020 Latina of Influence. Ms. Guerra along with our entire list of 2020 Latinas of Influence are invited to participate in Latina Conference taking place April 1 and 2, 2020 in Ontario, California. 

Nora Guerra was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. As a proud immigrant, Nora is passionate about immigrant rights, empowering and creating opportunities for women, and promoting Latino opportunity and successes everywhere. Through her own journey as young woman struggling to find her place in the corporate world, Nora experienced firsthand the disadvantages women, and in particular women of color face in building successful careers in male dominated fields. Nora learned to be relentless in pursing and realizing her dreams and producing positive results are her passion.

Nora started her career in finance at an early age, working her way up she has built a career spanning over 20 years in residential lending with experience in both sales and operational management for some of the most recognizable financial institutions in the country. As an advocate for minority lending, Nora helped create and lead the emerging markets programs early in her career. Nora was an integral part of the emerging markets division at Wells Fargo and later went on to lead one of the top producing operations centers in the country. Later in her career, Nora transitioned to sales and origination where she excelled and partnered with some of the highest producing real estate teams in the country.

In her current role, Nora is the National Affordable Lending Manager at Freddie Mac. In her role at Freddie Mac, Nora works with her team based in Washington D.C. and lenders across the country by being a voice and advocate for underserved communities and giving lenders a blueprint for offering affordable lending products to low to moderate income borrowers. Her Affordable Lending team is committed to ensuring Freddie Mac has the offerings to support responsible lending, provide sustainable homeownership, and to improve access to credit for all Borrowers.

Nora speaks at various events and conferences across the county and is an active member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals promoting sustainable Hispanic homeownership. She has received numerous sales and leadership awards throughout her career as well as served on private and public boards, but her dedication to making a difference in her community and her willingness to help others is what sets her apart.

Nora believes that the key to leadership is understanding people’s journey and relating to it because she was once in their shoes. As she puts it, “I’ve worked my way up the corporate latter, I have been in every role and worked hard to make a difference. The formula for success remains the same, believe in your core values, yourself and your fundamental right to be successful. Out work everyone, be the first to raise your hand, seek opportunity, and when your time comes, execute, execute, and execute.” Nora believes in making sure she is leading by example approaches each day with a passion to make a positive impact.

Nominated by past Latina of Influence Rose Elena Sauceda


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