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2019 Executive of Influence | Armando Villa, AICP, CEP, ICMA-CM – City Manager, Menifee California

2019 Executive of Influence | Armando Villa, AICP, CEP, ICMA-CM – City Manager,  Menifee California

Hispanic Lifestyle is pleased to recognize Armando Villa, AICP, CEP, ICMA-CM – City Manager, Menifee California as a 2019 Executive of Influence. Armando will be recognized along with his fellow honorees at BizCon 2019 during our lunchtime program on June 12, 2019 at the Ontario Airport Hotel and Conference Center, Ontario California.

Armando was City Manager of Calexico and had served in this position for more than a year. He has previously served as Assistant County Executive Officer and Planning Director for Imperial County. He is also a former Temecula Community Development Director. Over 27 years of professional experience in Local Government, Administration, Economic and Community Development. 17 years of executive level leadership roles and responsibilities. Extensive technical knowledge in:
– Government Strategic Management and Planning, Land Use Planning and Environmental;
– Proficient in Municipal Business, Job Creation & Economic Development Models;
– City Management & Administration, Personnel Bargaining Unit Negotiations;
– Community & Development Services Department administration & Developer Negotiations;
– Civil & Municipal Engineering, Public Works & Public Services Infrastructure Management;
– Redevelopment, Housing & Successor Agency Implementation and reporting;
– Bilingual and Fluent in Spanish and Culturally conscious.

The City of Menifee is a vibrant, young city situated in the heart of Southwest Riverside County along Interstate 215, Menifee is one of the few communities in Southern California with available land in an economic development corridor. This business-friendly city is investing more than $170 million in infrastructure and traffic improvement projects over the next five years. Recognized as one of the top 10 cities for growth in Southern California with a 2.4 percent growth per year, and a median age of 38 years, Menifee is attracting young families that are clamoring for shopping, dining and entertainment amenities in their own community. As more developers are discovering this unique situation, Menifee is buzzing as the new hot spot in Riverside County.


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