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Congratulation | Joe Alderete

Congratulation | Joe Alderete

Hispanic Lifestyle like many other organizations was proud to play a part in the saluting of Mr. Joseph F. Alderete Director, Supplier Diversity & Development Southern California Edison during a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.  After 41 years with SCE, Joe will be retiring later on this year. We are pleased to share the video that featured a number of organizations that have been associated with Mr. Alderete over the years.

More about Joe Alderete
Previous to his role as director, Joseph F. Alderete had been the Manager of the Supplier Diversity Program for Southern California Edison for over ten years. In his position, he oversees the Company’s Women and Minority Business Program. He insures compliance with all CPUC rules and regulations, and all public law relating to women and minority procurements.

During this time, Edison International was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the top 15 companies in the United States for Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics, having won the highest percentage of spending with minority vendors.

He has worked for Edison for over 33 years. Before his current position, he worked in Procurement and Material Management as a Senior Procurement Agent, and was involved in the company’s “Strategic Sourcing” effort. He has also worked in our Human Resources and Transmission and Distribution departments.

He is the current Chair of the Southern California Minority Business Development Council and also serves on the board of Directors of the National Council of Minorities in Energy. He is the past Chairman of the Edison Electric Institute Minority Business Development Committee. And is a member of the Asian Business Association, the Black Business Association, the Latin Business Association, the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the California Black Chamber of Commerce, the California American Indian Chamber of Commerce, the California Latino Caucus Institute, and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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