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California Republicans Elect a Latina – Jessica Millan Patterson

California Republicans Elect a Latina – Jessica Millan Patterson

The California Republican Party has elected a Latina to Chair the organization.  From the website California Trailblazers her bio states, that Jessica Millan Patterson is a wife, mother, and political professional, CEO of California Trailblazers Jessica recruits and trains candidates throughout California to run for California state legislature. Jessica has served the California Republican Party, Republican National Committee, Statewide and National Candidates for over a decade. She is well-known for her get-things done no nonsense style; committed to her cause and clients she maintains strong friendships with political allies and rivals alike. Blessed with many talents, Jessica is highly regarded for her experience and expertise running ground games and organizing floor operations

Ms. Patterson statement to her fellow Republicans on the day of her election.

I am writing to thank you for your confidence in me and our vision for a California Republican Comeback. I recognize the enormous responsibility and am committed to working tirelessly with you. Together we will take the fight to the Democrats and build a foundation upon which we will compete and win elections. That is our focus, and the road to 2020 starts right now.

I want to acknowledge all the candidates who gave of themselves to seek a party office. Elections are intense and bring out the fire in Republicans. That is a great thing. Today, I ask everyone who came to Sacramento, as a delegate, associate or guest, to keep the fire burning and drive our forward action.

Your CRP Board of Directors is already at work, and we will be taking immediate steps to raise money, establish our communications programs and launch our 24/7/365 perpetual campaign. From our donor community to the grassroots organizations across the Golden State, we will champion conservative values, harness the best tools and technology, outthink and outwork the Democrats.

This is our path forward, and I’m so proud we are in this together.

Today, we are proud to be Republican, we are unified, and we have a lot of work to do. So as I said this morning, let’s do this!


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