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Fall Winter Season Beauty Tips

Fall Winter Season Beauty Tips

by Gabriela Sandoval –  Fashion and Beauty Editor Hispanic Lifestyle


Hard Candy Cosmetics

Fall is finally here and with the changing of the leaves comes a change in our everyday style. So what better way to get fall ready then finding the right makeup. With so many options out there how do you know which brand is right for you? This month Hispanic Lifestyle partnered with HARD CANDY makeup to help our readers get that flawless makeup for this fall season. HARD CANDY is an everyday brand that can take you from one season to the next without feeling the pinch in your pocket book. HARD CANDY’S SHADOW SPHERES BAKED EYE SHADOW PALETTES are my favorite. They come in a variety of colors which help brighten the complexion and create a radiant glow to any look. HARD CANDY also carries GLITTERATZI GLITTER GEL PALETTES that will give your Holiday makeup that extra sparkle it needs.

Hispanic Lifestyle asked professional makeup artist Tomy Rivero to give our readers some makeup tips:

Three tips to transition your makeup from summer to fall

  • TIP #1 You must get yourself in the habit of using 2 different foundations. One for winter months and one for summer. During the winter months your skin is going to go through changes as the weeks pile and the weather gets drier.
    So having a neutral base will help you adjust with bronzers and blushers to bring color into the face with full control of how much or how little. In the summer time it is all about enhancing the natural glow that is already happening from within. If you don’t tan…. two very different seasons, two very different formulas needed.
  • TIP #2 Bring out your deeper tones… berries, terra cotta, purples, reds, browns, greens.
  • TIP #3 Your moisturizer adjustment from summer to Fall/Winter is just as critical as any preparation for makeup changes.

Hard Candy Cosmetics

Question –  Time is always an issue. What are some quick morning makeup tips I can do that would make the most difference?

  • Concealer – Concealer gives you the rested, bright eyes look
  • Mascara – Mascara accentuated your eyes to frame the eyes and create some presence to the frame of your face
  • Lips stain – Lip stain is the “effortless way to get some color back in your face for a healthy glow without a full o makeup routine. Refresh, Recharged and polished on seconds.

Question – What is the one beauty product I should never leave home without?

Concealer and blush. In a bind concealers can take care of unwanted shadows and spots and a blush can bring some color and “health” and even swiping a bit of your blush color over the eyes ties a very clean look together. Note: If you need to chose one go with concealer.

About Hard Candy
Hard Candy is an American cosmetics company, founded in 1995 by Iranian American sisters and Benjamin A. Einstein. The company’s first product was nail polish that Dineh mixed herself – a shade of baby blue named “Sky” to match her Charles David sandals.After receiving scores of compliments on the unique shade, Dineh began selling it at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, and Ben began selling to many other top retailers including Nordstroms. In that same year, actress Alicia Silverstone appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman and when asked about her pastel blue fingernails, replied, “It’s ‘Sky’ by Hard Candy,” causing an overnight explosion of the brand. HARD CANDY can be purchased at your local Wal-Mart or online at

About Tomy Rivero
With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Tomy Rivero has an illustrious career as a celebrity beauty expert. Based in New York and Los Angeles, Rivero is known for defining and redefining life’s most delicate canvas while enhancing the natural beauty of his clients.

Tomy Rivero

Tomy Rivero

Rivero works on the sets of high profile fashion and beauty campaigns alongside the industry’s most influential photographers, models and designers. Rivero’s talents have been credited on the pages of coveted magazines, feature films and television as well as collaborations with New York Fashion Week. Rivero has worked extensively with elite models including Dorota Kollova (Prada) and Arlenis Soso (Lancome). Highly skilled in all areas of makeup, including hi def, runway, print, red carpet and body makeup, Rivero also works with celebrity clientele including
Barbara Corcoran from ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank and Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones. Rivero is also a member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E) Local 798.

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