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Latina of Influence | Jackeline Cacho

Latina of Influence | Jackeline Cacho

Jackeline Cacho is a 2015 Latina of Influence named by Hispanic Lifestyle. Jackeline is being recognized for her passion to share stories about the Latino community and professional accomplishments in the media industry.  Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2015 Latinas of Influence will be recognizing Jackeline and her fellow Latinas of Influence during a luncheon held in their honor on at Latina Conference 2015.

Jackeline Cacho

Jackeline Cacho

Jackeline Cacho entered the realm of world of leadership, communications, and development as a young beauty pageant contender in her native Peru. Outspoken and proud of her indigenous roots, she defied the caste and color barriers that often relegated women of Inca ancestry to subservient roles in the tourism and travel industry.

She represent her country in three international beauty pageants: two in Colombia and 1 in Ecuador from 1992 to 1994.

She moved to Houston, Texas  in the mid 1990’s to pursue a career in communications and business, later relocating to  San Antonio, Texas and to Los Angeles California  in 2006. She now resides in Pasadena, California, with her husband, Mexican director and president of Finding Productions Thene Mucino.

Jackeline first launched as a model in 1990 in the Peruvian magazine Caretas. During her first competition, the “Latin Model Pageant”, Jackeline was introduced to the worlds of pageantry and competition. There she met Irma Vargas Fuller, who trained her and sent her to three international competitions in Colombia and Ecuador, where Jackeline represented Peru.

From 1990 to 1992 Jackeline attended the Academia Nacional Columbia, where she studied flight attendance management and Turismo While at the academy she picked up the foundation for her career in communications. She also earned a position as a presidential flight attendant for then president Alberto Fujimori, as well as an attendant for domestic and international flights for the Peruvian Air Force.

In 1992 Jackeline joined the national show Triki Trak on the national network America Lima Peru , Months later she joined the morning show Ellas, hosting her own segment called “Etiqueta, un modo de vida” (Etiquette: A way of life). With growing popularity, the national Channel 5 offered her a position on the popular midday show featuring her segment on etiquette and modeling. Once with Channel 5, Jackeline began national tours at motivational conferences and etiquette for women in Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Cacho started her career in the United States in 1994 with an opportunity in modeling in commercial advertising. After positioning herself as an emerging spokesperson for Latinos in the media, Cacho became a radio DJ for La Nueva 108 in Houston and director of three radio stations under Tom Castro president of  El Dorado Communications. She then joined Telemundo KTMD-TV 48 in Houston as the local weather girl and special assignments reporter.

As she became one of the most admired personalities in Texas, Univision hired Cacho to  a high profile slot as a weekend anchor and full-time reporter at the Univision affiliate station in San Antonio, Texas, one of the most influential Spanish-language media markets in the nation. From 2000 to 2006 Jackeline reported at a national level on the popular shows Despierta America, Aqui y Ahora, and on the national news covering special assignments happening between Middle East and Central America.

From 2002 through 2004 Jackeline also hosted and produced the show Mañanitas Para La Virgen on the national network Univision, which broadcasted every December 12th. The show earned the highest ratings during that day-part, winning consecutive Emmy’s for Best Show in Spanish.

In 2007 Cacho earned the great opportunity to host the national news for the third largest and growing national network, Azteca America, so she relocated to Los Angeles, California, to assume duties as a national anchor and reporter for the Azteca America Network. A year later Cacho founded Finding Productions, a media and marketing services agency with an expertise in commercials, informercials, corporate videos, music videos, events, TV direction and productions, media buying, and advertising campaigns.

Through Finding Productions and with the support of the company’s president, Thene Mucino, Cacho developed “Triunfadores Latinos con Jackeline Cacho,”  an independent program transmitted on Mundo Fox 22 and Super 22.2 since April 2012. Over the years Cacho has served as a Latina leader that encourages the Latino community across the nation to be leaders in their own right.

In 2013 Cacho partner with the national network VMe TV on more than 40 cities across the country with her independent tv show “Jackeline Cacho Presenta Triunfo Latino.” Cacho shares the stories of inspirational Latino leaders from various industries that leave footprints of positive change wherever they go. The producer of the tv Show is her husband and partner in life, Mexican producer Thene Muciño.

Personal life
Today Jackeline and her husband, Mexican director and producer Thene Mucino, lead the online-based project Edutainment Revolution to advocate for educating, high-value, entertaining content for the Latino community. She adores her family  Her  mother is Carmen Cacho, all her family live in San Antonio, Texas her brother Aaron and sister Patricia, her oldest sister Carmen live in Houston with her two nephews Michael and Mathew. Her father Victor Cacho past away 24 years ago by hart attack. She has one dog Candy and live happy with her husband Thene.

Awards, Honors, & Humanitarian Efforts

2014 Women Of The Year by The Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in honor of her Tv Show making a difference in the country .

2014 Outstanding Women of The Year 2014, by the Spanish Newspaper La Opinion in honor of her trajectory focusing in Education and inspire the Latino Community.

2014 The City of Huntington Park has give her “The Key of The City ” because of her influence In the Latino Community.


“Leadership Media and Television Achievement Award” in honor of her dedication and commitment to the community “Ayudathon ” campaign for the Children’s Hospital, produced by Jackeline and her company, Finding Productions



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