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Thank You | Connecting Faith and Business Committee

Thank You | Connecting Faith and Business Committee

Last week I was assisting in the production of the Connecting Faith and Business Summit that took place in Ontario, California. While setting up setting for the event, I rolled my ankle and frankly spent most of the day in pain. Driven and motivated by the motto “THE SHOW WILL GO ON”, I iced the ankle, took a few aspirins and prepared to make it through the day.

During the lunch portion of the program, Hispanic Lifestyle and I were recognized by the Connecting Faith and Business committee. Because I was a little thrown off by the ankle incident, I really didn’t get to share my sentiments. Here are the words I wished I would have also shared with the committee and audience.

“On behalf of Hispanic Lifestyle I would like to thank the Connecting Faith and Business committee, my friend and Latina of Influence Sylvia Gutierrez with the SBA for sharing this moment with me.

Hispanic Lifestyle’s focus for over 26 years has been to celebrate the achievements of the Latino community. The truth is I am more comfortable presenting awards to our Latinas of Influence, Businesses Surviving to Thrive and Latina/Latino Executives of Influence.

Privately I share my thoughts with the lord expressing how fortunate I am to have developed a career which allows the opportunity to share inspiring stories of community leaders with a diverse and appreciative audience.

A few years back, it was my friend and colleague Vincent McCoy who suggested I get involved with the Connecting Faith and Business Summit. For some reason unknown to me, Hilda and team keep asking me to return. They treat me as a valued member of the team and embraced me as one of the family.

Sincerely I am humbled and blessed that my friends and colleagues have taken time out of their busy lives to recognize Hispanic Lifestyle’s achievements. I appreciate and thank the Connecting Faith and Business committee for this recognition”.

Richard Sandoval, president Hispanic Lifestyle


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