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Anita D. Gutierrez, city manager City of Pomona

Anita D. Gutierrez, city manager City of Pomona

The Pomona City Council has elevated Anita D. Gutierrez — the acting city manager — to take over the position permanently.

At their regularly scheduled meeting on February 5, 2024, the Pomona City Council announced their selection of Anita D. Gutierrez to serve as Pomona’s next City Manager. Gutierrez has been serving as Acting City Manager and previously served as Assistant City Manager and Development Services Director for the City.

Gutierrez has over two decades of experience in public service and has been an instrumental part of the City’s leadership team for the last five years. She brings a wealth of experience, a proven track record of success in leading teams, and a strong commitment to enhancing the community’s quality of life, making her a key asset to our vibrant community.

“I am both humbled and thrilled to serve the City of Pomona as its City Manager,” said Gutierrez. “I am enthusiastic about building upon my work in Pomona, enhancing community trust, engagement, and collaboration. I look forward to closely collaborating with the City Council, staff, community members, and local businesses to accomplish the City Council’s key priorities and address the various challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

Anita D. Gutierrez has been an exemplary public servant, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the City of Pomona. Her journey with the City began as the Planning Manager and then Director of Development Services, where she successfully directed and oversaw various Divisions, including Building and Safety, Planning, and Code Compliance. In this role, she managed critical Commissions, including Planning, Cultural Arts, and Historic Preservation. Alongside her team, she successfully executed high-priority city initiatives such as the commercial cannabis program, housing element compliance, the transition to an in-house Building and Safety Division, and advancing the city towards a comprehensive zoning code update, expected to be adopted later this year. In her latest role as Assistant City Manager, Anita continued to demonstrate her exceptional leadership, overseeing the Development Services and Public Works Departments with utmost competence and commitment.

Mayor Sandoval said, “Anita was the City Council’s unanimous choice; she brings both a broad administrative skill set and a deep understanding of community dynamics that will enhance and progress the initiatives undertaken by the Council. She is a results-oriented leader with the right combination of vision, enthusiasm and experience to help us advance a very ambitious work plan.”

Exemplifying Pomona’s core values, Anita’s leadership style is defined by collaboration, inclusivity, innovation, and resourcefulness. She is recognized for her ability to facilitate cooperation among stakeholders with diverse interests, including neighborhood representatives, the development community, and other agency partners. Anita’s dedication to refining Pomona’s development review process, elevating internal review systems, and enhancing external customer service has solidified her reputation for attentive listening, fairness, practicality, and a keen ability to find effective solutions.

Anita holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from California State University, San Bernardino, and a Master’s in Planning from the University of Southern California (USC). She will complete a Doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership from USC in May 2024. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and an active member of the League of California Cities. She is deeply rooted in Southern California, where she has dedicated her career to serving the public and helping the community collectively shape their living environment.

“I am deeply passionate about public service, and I am grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate my leadership abilities in service to our city,” Gutierrez said. “The Pomona team is truly exceptional, and I appreciate the chance to contribute to this incredibly dynamic and committed organization.

About Pomona, California
On January 6,1888, Pomona was incorporated as a City and became a charter City in 1911. Today, Pomona is the seventh largest city in Los Angeles County, with a population of over 151,000 residents. Pomona boasts a progressive economy, business opportunity, and a strong workforce with attractive shopping, recreational, and real estate offering. The Pomona Valley had been a fruitful valley in the past and is now fruitful from the strength and efforts of its people. With a vision to promote harmonious diversity and economic prosperity, Pomona is vibrant community with progressive citizens leading, testing the limits of progress, and striving to provide a high quality of life for all of Pomona.

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