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The Book of Names a Very Special Toyota Project

The Book of Names a Very Special Toyota Project

Publication celebrates loyalty and enduring spirit of Hispanic Toyota owners

Video exclusive, Hispanic Lifestyle with the help of Miguel Ramirez of La Santa Celcilia talks with band mates about their Toyota car experience.This all took place at the presentation of Toyota’s Book of Names event in Hollywood, California.

Love may come in many forms, but for Hispanic Toyota owners, it’s definitely in the shape of their cars. From “Piñata” and “Gorilla” to “Magic Bus” and “Rocker,” guests have bestowed many imaginative names upon their vehicles to illustrate their special bond. Now entering its 12th consecutive year as the best-selling automotive brand among U.S. Hispanics, Toyota is paying tribute to these inspirational guests through The Book of Names – a limited-edition, hardcover illustrated publication.

Toyota’s Book of Names

At a star-studded red carpet event in Los Angeles, Calif., The Book of Names contains thousands of monikers that have been shared by Toyota owners with the brand during its Más Que Un Auto (More Than A Car) loyalty campaign. It also features charming stories and fun facts behind some of the most popular vehicle names. The LIVE book reveal featured in-person readings by actress Rosario Dawson, TV hosts and actresses Chiquinquira Delgado and Ximena Córdoba and People en Español’s editor-in-chief Armando Correa, as well as special performances by GRAMMY-award winning band La Santa Cecilia and top U.S. disc jockey, Alex Sensation.

“Más Que Un Auto provided a unique way to recognize the car-love connections that exist for our guests,” said Mia Phillips, National Manager – Brand, Multicultural & Crossline Marketing Strategy for Toyota. “It has been an amazing journey, with so many people sharing clever and touching stories with us. The Book of Names represents an enduring tribute to the loyalty and spirit of Hispanic owners and Toyota’s genuine appreciation for them. ”

Guests can access an iBook version of The Book of Names online at In addition to viewing the content, guests may order their own personalized badge and add their unique car-naming story and photo. Guests will then receive a link with their story to share with family and friends. Some of the best stories will be added to the iBook as it continues to recognize the extraordinary spirit of owners. The limited hardcover publication will be available for purchase on while supplies last.

Toyota launched Más Que Un Auto in 2014 to celebrate 10 straight years as the #1 automotive brand among Hispanics. The campaign empowered owners to name their cars and receive a custom badge to affix on their vehicles. Since then, approximately 150,000 badges have been ordered nationwide. The campaign has resulted in the most user-generated social and online content in Toyota’s history.

The Book of Names and Más Que Un Auto were developed in collaboration with Conill, Toyota’s Hispanic marketing partner. “This has been an incredible story of love since the beginning,” said Conill Chief Creative Officer Diego Yurkievich. “What began as a sincere form of recognition has transformed into a collective movement fueled by the passion of Toyota owners. This campaign far exceeded all expectations and is a source of ongoing inspiration.”


  1. Forget about “John Smith.” The most common rst names were “Jack” (139) and “Jennifer” (163). Actually, no one named their car “John Smith.” Yep, mind blown.
  2. 343 badges were ordered with the name “Ninja.” Possibly due to the sonic resemblance between an engine and the swoosh of a Meiji-era Kusarigama, but probably just because ninjas are cool.
  3. They say, “Love is in the air,” but it’s apparently also on the road as 383 Toyotas were named “Love.”
  4. 58 people know brains come before brawn, that’s why they selected the monikers “Geek” (26) and “Nerd” (32) for their Toyotas.
  5. Hanging a rabbit’s foot from the rearview mirror wasn’t enough for the 65 superstitious drivers who picked the name “Luck” for their Toyotas.
  6. 16 Toyota owners always see the glass as half-full. That’s why they named their cars “Be Happy.”
  7. There are two kinds of people: Those who see their car’s dashboard as a Premium Mahogany Executive Desk, and those who see an actual dashboard. 113 of the former named their car “Boss.”
  8. 100 drivers know how to make it rain. They used the word “Money” to name their Toyotas.
  9. You have got to be kitten me right meow! 45 Toyotas were named after cats.
  10. Seems like cupid works part-time as a Toyota salesman. 49 lovebirds called their cars “Bae” (Before Anyone Else).
  11. Mothers have a new superpower, inspiring Toyota names. Over 400 of them were “Mom.”

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