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The Art of Quiet | Buick LaCrosse and Envision

Hispanic Lifestyle is pleased to introduce our new series “The Way We Travel”.  In this episode we talk with Marissa West Director Global Noise & Vibration with General Motors (GM) about achieving the Art of Quiet. Hispanic Lifestyle spent the day driving navigating the busy streets of Los Angeles experiencing the quiet ride of Buick’s 2017 Envision and LaCrosse.  Our friends at GM and Buick arranged a great day for us as we spent the day behind the scenes at the Kirk Douglas Theater talking about sound design. Then a visit to Sony Pictures to chat with award winning foley artisst and sound editors. Finally a late lunch at Norah’s in west Hollywood.

In this exclusive video interview with Marissa, she shares insights on how GM is developing a quiet ride for their customers.

Below are photos taken during Buick’s Art of Quiet Tour.
[flickr_set id=”72157679689480120″]

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Kirk Douglas Theater Sound Design specialist, Adam Phalen
Sony Pictures Post Production Services
Norah West Hollywood, California



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