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Latinas in Tech Summit 2024

Latinas in Tech Summit 2024

Nation’s Leading Conference for Latina Women in Tech Will Feature Keynote Presentations from Mexican Actress Karla Souza and Latina Tech Visionary Joanna Peña-Bickley

The Latinas in Tech Summit,  the nation’s largest tech event for Latinas, will bring Latina leaders in tech together to discuss challenges, opportunities, and future growth. In its eighth annual edition, the gathering includes two components – an in-person session on Thursday, May 16, 2024, at The Palace of Fine Arts of San Francisco and a separate online session with virtual-specific programming on Friday, May 17, 2024.  

The two-day conference will showcase a lineup of more than 80 speakers and is anticipated to attract over 1,500 attendees. Keynote speakers will be Karla Souza, an International Emmy Award-winning Mexican actress with a thriving career in Hollywood, and Joanna Peña-Bickley, a pioneer in A.I.-aided generative design and one of the lead team members responsible for creating Alexa.

Presented under the theme “Her Tech, Her Future,” this year’s summit is dedicated to empowering Latinas in the tech industry by providing them with valuable insights, resources, and opportunities. The summit will feature three tracks: the “Jefa” track, tailored for Latina tech leaders or those aspiring to leadership roles; the technical track, concentrating on resume development and career-building strategies; and the AI track, focusing on the latest advancements in AI.

“One of the main objectives of our annual summits is to fully immerse Latinas in the forefront of the latest industry advancements. This year’s summit has a deep emphasis on AI because of its potential to impact the career trajectories of the many women working in tech fields,” said Rocío van Nierop, Chief Executive Officer for Latinas in Tech. “Nearly 60 percent of our members identify as being in the early phases of their careers, and we strive to give them access to information and resources that will help them make strides in tech fields.” 

During the summit, $60,000 in funds will be awarded to three Latina-led startups. The fourth annual Latinas in Tech Startup Competition is aimed at discovering, supporting, and amplifying tech startups with at least one Latina co-founder. Awards include non-dilutive cash prizes of $30K, $20K, and $10K to the top three winners.  

“Latinas run more than 2 million businesses but receive less than 2 percent of all venture capital funds. Only about 28 percent of Latina founders are able to secure any type of funding through traditional channels,” van Nierop said. “Even with minimal support, McKinsey reports that Latinas are the fastest-growing cohort of entrepreneurs. Our goal with the startup competition is to change the narrative, showcasing the innovative capabilities of Latinas and how they can ignite growth when provided with funding and support for their businesses.”

Outstanding Latina tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies will also be recognized through the LiT Awards. These awards honor individuals and organizations making notable contributions to the tech industry and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. This year’s award categories include Latina of the Year, Company of the Year, ERG (Employee Resource Group) of the Year, and Latina Entrepreneur of the Year. 

The Latinas in Tech Summit is proudly sponsored by Comcast, Deloitte, Pinterest, and Salesforce at the Creator level, among others, all contributing to the success of this groundbreaking event. Discover our diverse range of sponsors, spanning various tier levels, on the LiT Summit website.

Finally, Latinas in Tech will present its 2023 Annual Report, which summarizes the results of a member survey conducted in early 2024. The report underscores growth gaps, opportunities, and considerations for creating more inclusive organizations, highlighting the persistent underrepresentation of skilled Latinas in decision-making positions. The 2022 Latinas In Tech Annual Report can be found here.

About Latinas in Tech Summit: Since 2017, Latinas in Tech has hosted an annual conference to bring together influential Latinas working in technology. At the Latinas in Tech Summit, over 1,500 Latina tech professionals, ERG leaders, and allies will unite and tap into a powerful network for landing tech jobs and growing a tech career. For more information, visit

About Latinas in Tech: Latinas in Tech (LiT) is a non-profit with humble origins. What started out as two friends in need of career support is now a multinational community of over 18,000 registered members of 26 different nationalities with a presence in seven countries. We seek to reshape the tech industry so that Latinas are not only well-represented but also thriving in the ecosystem as decision-makers. For more information, visit


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