This segment highlighting an interview with Luis Manuel Ramírez CEO, GE Energy Industrial Solutions was featured in episode number HLTV #180 of Hispanic Lifestyle.

Returning to the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,  Hispanic Lifestyle  spoke with Luis (Manuel) Ramírez the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GE Energy Industrial Solutions, headquartered in Plainville, Connecticut. Also an officer of the General Electric Company, Mr. Ramirez spoke about the company and his responsibilities.

We went on to talk with Mr. Ramirez about his background and those who encourage his desire receive a college education.

We then talked about career opportunities and his path to becoming a CEO of a major corporation.

Mr. Ramirez went on to talk about his experience at GE.

Mr. Ramirez spoke about why a major corporation like GE was participating with the convention?

Our conversation turned to Mr. Ramirez talking about his future plans at GE.

We finished our conversation by asking Mr. Ramirez if he would share what factors he attributes to his professional success.

Note: Additional photos were taken by Jane Shauck Photography.