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Community | Tomas Rivera – A Musical Narrative

We are not alone, An original musical portrait that integrates multiple musical genres  (Chamber, Blues, Jazz, Taiko, Hip-Hop and Andean Folk) into an eclectic journey through the life, the struggles and the achievements of Tomás Rivera.

Former UCR Chancellor, Tomás Rivera, is remembered as more than an administrator. He was a national educational leader. He was a poet, novelist, and essayist.  He was an inspiration.

This original performance piece is the world premiere of a musical tribute to his life, struggles and achievements. “We Are Not Alone” was written by UCR Professor Emeritus, Carlos Cortés and Juan Felipe Herrera, the Tomás Rivera Endowed Chair in Creative Writing at UCR, and features music by lead composer Bruno Louchouarn.

The show is a dynamic fusion of original scores performed by the Onda Sound Project; Karen Wilson and Blue Wave West; Senryu Taiko at UCR; IE Hip Hop Crew (led by Rickerby Hinds); Mayupatapi Andean Ensemble (led by Jonathan Ritter); and the Maracatu Rivera Nação Drum and Dance Ensemble (led by Jimmy Biala and María Vanderhorst).

“We Are Not Alone” is presented as the 24th Annual Tomás Rivera Conference by the Tomás Rivera Endowment and the Department of Creative Writing at UCR.

For more information, contact Tiffany at UCR at (951) 827-5570
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