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Casa Herrera Inc. operated by the Herrera Family is being recognized as a company that has Survived and Thrived.  Founded by Mr. Frank Herrera in 1951, Casa Herrera Inc. started with humble beginnings, and would eventually grow into the 130+ employee corporation that it is today. Mr. Herrera was a natural-born salesman and entrepreneur. He attended Northern Arizona University.

The story has it: one of Mr. Herrera’s first sales jobs led him through the labor camps in the central valley of California where he mainly encountered Latino laborers. It was there he noticed that although tortillas were a main staple of the laborer’s diet, tortillas were unavailable and scarce. So Mr. Herrera decided he would manufacture small tortilla machines and sell them to labor camps and later to tortilleros in Hispanic areas.

Mr. Herrera started by taking a corn tortilla machine, placing it on a trailer behind his car and visiting tortilla factories across the United States until he sold it. Today, Casa Herrera is a third generation family business with Frank’s second oldest son, Alfred Herrera, as its President and employs a total of eleven Herrera family members.

Casa Herrera is a manufacturer of flour tortilla and flatbread machinery of unsurpassed reliability for over sixty years.

Today, Casa Herrera is the lead designer and manufacturer of custom machinery for production of corn and flour tortillas, corn and tortilla chips, tostadas, taco shells, quesadillas, burritos, pita bread, pizzas, arepas, chapattis, and other ethnic foods from around the world. Our customer base ranges from large multinational corporations to single line in-store producers.

The Casa Herrera Tradition
Our 100,000 sq. ft. facility, located in Pomona, California is a continuing example of a highly efficient production plant using the most up-to-date technology and manufacturing methods. Our innovative flatbread machinery manufacturing is a direct result of products such as the fuel efficient Odyssey line of machinery, Automated Flour lines, and Vision systems, which have made Casa Herrera into one of the world’s most successful food machinery manufacturers.

This unique history is both an honor and an obligation. Casa Herrera customers have often expressed their need of a partnership to help them overcome their unique challenges in this ever evolving market. Whether it is an expansion project to grow your business or a mandated upgrade to your current facility, we can help. No matter the size of the project, your success is our success.


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