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Tina D’Marco, Latina Actress in George Lucas’s Red Tails

Congrats to mexican-american actress Tina D’Marco who is 1 of 2 female actresses lucky enough to be in the film RED TAILS.  According to Ms. D’Marco she was “fortunate enough to be directed by George Lucas himself”. “Tho my background goes back quite a few years, this is by far an exciting time for me as I auditioned against many, many real italian women, and my italian is school learned” said D’Marco.

Character actress and voiceover artist Tina D’Marco is a native Californian, born in National City, a community south of San Diego. Her father, a 1940s orchestra leader, played in the bands of Xavier Cugat and Desi Arnaz. Her mother was “an original Rosie the Riveter,” one of the young women recruited to make airplanes during World War II.


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