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Profile | Inside the White House, Luis Miranda


PROFILE: Luis Miranda, Director of Hispanic Media

Hispanic Lifestyle traveled across country to our nation’s capital and  had chance to meet with representatives of President Obama’s administration. This segment begins with the administration’s Director of Hispanic Media, Mr. Luis Miranda describing his job responsibilities.

Q. Latinos represents approximately 47 million individuals in the United States and we asked how they are represented in the Obama Administration.

Q. We asked Mr. Miranda how he secured a job in the Obama Administration.

Bio .

Luis Miranda, Director of Hispanic Media

Miranda was most recently Deputy Communications Director at the Democratic National Committee, overseeing regional and specialty press. In that capacity Miranda was the Democratic Party’s lead spokesperson for Hispanic and Spanish-language media. Prior to joining the DNC, Miranda worked for John Kerry’s presidential campaign, first starting the campaign’s internet communications program, and later working as a liaison to Hispanic media. Miranda has also worked with organized labor at the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) Florida State Council, among other things reaching out to the union’s Hispanic members. Miranda has also worked on campaigns at the local and state level, served as a Research Analyst at the DCCC, and worked as the Miami-Dade Field Director for the 2000 coordinated campaign in Florida, where he also worked on operations for the Florida recount.

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