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Profile | Aleph Group Inc.

Profile | Aleph Group Inc.

Hispanic Lifestyle is pleased to recognize Aleph Group Inc. as a company that has Survived & Thrived.  They will be recognized at Hispanic Lifestyle’s 2017 Southern California Business Expo and Conference on May 31, 2017 at the Ontario Airport Hotel, Ontario, California.

Aleph Group is an organization of talented professionals dedicated to making a positive impact in our community and around the world. Uniting decades of creating specialty vehicles, portable and semi-permanent solutions for the medical industry, humanitarian organizations, and government agencies; the breadth of our knowledge flourishes throughout every aspect of our multifaceted service and support strategy.

Created to help clients in a more meaningful way, our founder is guided by the profound belief that his industry and its leaders must take a proactive approach in solving the needs of mankind. Driven by the vision of working side by side with those whom are sworn and take it upon themselves to serve and protect society, we offer a level of collaboration and expertise that is beyond compare.

AGI’s unique advantage enhances our ability to give each project a unique and personalized design. Each of our vehicles are designed to deliver the maximum array of solutions, especially within the context of medical applications. In the medical field, our units play a critical role in saving lives and ensuring a healthy future in the communities in which they serve.  Our designs, construction materials, and fabrication are done with state-of-the-art precision. All of our vehicles and units are 100% wood-free construction, so as to eliminate all possibilities of bacteria and fungus growth associated with the use of wood products. Therefore, our products offer greater clinical sanitation standards and provide for the safest working environment.

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