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Profile | actress Yvonne DeLaRosa

Yvonne DeLaRosa, American-Colombian actress, producer and writer, stars in the innovative web series “Los Americans” which has been nominated for best web series this year at the 27th Annual Imagen Awards which will be held August 10th at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Yvonne was also chosen by the prestigious writers program sponsored by the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) as one of 10 screenwriters who will have the amazing opportunity of writing spec scripts for the current and upcoming produced shows for NBC and CBS networks. This is one of the NHMC many mission platforms to improve the image of American Latinos as portrayed by the media.

The series “Los Americans” deals with issues and problems that exist within the Latino community in the United States, such as alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, and unemployment. “Los Americans” has emerged as a pioneer in its field as it provides something never seen before, links to information and support centers of each theme touch upon in every episode. It also has made history as the first series broadcast on the Metro public transportation system in Los Angeles.

Yvonne won an Imagen Award in 2009 for her lead role in the play “8 Ways to Say I Love My Life & Mean It”. She was named as one of the new Latino rising stars through the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts and she was herald by Jimmy Smits as “The face of the new wave of Latino Artists”. This multifaceted actress has had guest star roles on some of TV’s most cheered shows including “NCIS”, “Weeds”, “King of Queens” and “How I Met your Mother”. She will soon be seen guest starring in the new A&E series, “Longmire” opposite Lou Diamond Phillips.

DeLaRosa, graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Directing and a Masters in Screenwriting. Currently she has just teamed up with renowned director and producer Dennis Leoni (“Resurrection Blvd”) to produce and star in the original television series, which she also wrote “Adam and Eva”. The comedy is about a conservative American who accidentally marries a Mexican girl.



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