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On the Menu | Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ

Hispanic Lifestyle featured Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ on episode # HLTV154

We met Silvio Correa at Brazilian day Los Angeles. He spoke about his restaurant, his style of BBQ and future plans.

Caption: Brazilian BBQ vs American

Silvio talks about the restaurant business and his love for participating in big events.

Caption: On the Menu

We finish our conversation with Silvio by asking about future plans for his style of BBQ.


From their website

About the owner

Silvio Correa

Originally from the “Ipiranga” neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Silvio Correa has been grilling up his famous BBQ since the young age of 14. An avid surfer, Silvio remembers spending long days on the beach followed by late afternoon back yard parties where he would serve up his BBQ specialties to friends and family. The son of a hard working tailor, his father often stated: “Silvio, you cannot live your life surfing and bbq’ing for your friends, you need to find a real job. Life isn’t supposed to be fun all the time.” Not to be dissuaded by his father’s words, Silvio continued to pursue his passions, perfecting his skills as a true “grill master.”

In 2000, Silvio left Brazil for Southern California to explore American culture with several good friends who had already settled in the South Bay. With his limited English, Silvio made his way working several odd jobs, always staying focused on his dream of opening his own catering company or restaurant. A short time after moving to California, Silvio met Doug Howarth, a local entrepreneur who had set his sights on opening his own catering business. Realizing the potential of a mutually beneficial partnership, Doug and Silvio embarked on a journey to provide authentic, quality food and genuine, friendly service; and Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ was born. At last, Silvio had proved his father wrong: you can do what you love, and work can be fun.


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