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Program #5144 Latinos and Education

Program #5144 Latinos and Education

In this edition, We attend a summit on Latino education.
We learn from the past to focus on the future in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

SEGMENT ONE: Dr. Enrique G. Murillo, Jr. Coordinator, Latino Education Projects, and Associate Professor of Education – Language, Literacy & Culture, CSUSB

Hispanic Lifestyle spent the day at a summit that was designed to create broad-based awareness of the crisis in Latino Education.
We spoke with organizer Dr. Enrique Murillo who is the Coordinator of Latino Education Projects at Cal State University San Bernardino.
Dr. Murrillo began our conversation by describing the projects that lead to the education focused summit.

Latino Education and Advocacy Day (LEAD) became a one-day event for Latinos who share a common interest and commitment to educational issues that impact Latinos. Dr. Murillio explains how this event began.

Dr. Murillio gives a overview of some of the speakers that attended the LEAD conference.

Finally Dr. Murillo provides insights on the what might be future of project LEAD.

SEGMENT TWO: Delores Huerta President, Dolores Huerta Foundation and co-founder of the United Farm Workers

We next spoke with activist and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta. Our conversation began with Ms. Huerta discussing the importances of community activism.

We asked Dolores to explain the mission of the Dolores Huerta Foundation.
Ms. Huerta shares her thoughts about the recognition she and César Chávez continue receive for their accomplishments.

Our conversation ended with Dolores Huerta speaking about the documentary Viva La Causa which focuses on one of the seminal events in the march for human rights – the grape strike and boycott led by César Chávez and herself in the 1960s.

SEGMENT THREE: Guzman Member, Board of Trustees The California State University, General Counsel – United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Commissioner – California Post Secondary Education Commission, and Director, Federal Home Loan Bank
Also attending the LEAD Summit was Melinda Guzman, Board of Trustee for the Cal State University System and General Counsel for the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
Ms. Guzman tells us why it was important for her to participate in the summit held in Southern California.

Mrs. Guzman explains from her perspective, how California’s financial crisis is impacting education.

Our conversation with Mrs. Guzman ended with her commenting on what California must do to stay competitive and grow.

SEGMENT FOUR: Dr. Art Delgado Superintendent, San Bernardino City Unified School District
Hispanic Lifestyle had a chance to speak with Dr. Art Delgado, Superintendent for San Bernardino City Unified School District.

Dr. Delgado shared his thoughts about the impact of discussing the topic of Latinos and education.

Dr. Delgado goes on to talk about how San Bernardino City Schools has already instituted some of the recommendations that were being discussed at the LEAD summit.

Dr. Delgado finishes our conversation with reflection on how San Bernardino City Schools have progressed over the last few years.

SEGMENT: FIVE Mendez Civil Rights activist and plaintiff in the historic precursor to Brown v. Board of Education

At the LEAD summit we had the opportunity to speak with Civil Right’s activist Sylvia Mendez, who with other families helped fight for equal rights in education.
We asked Ms. Mendez about her message to the attendees.

Mrs. Mendez explains the historic case Mendez v. Westminister.

Ms. Mendez, reflects on her life’s mission and passion to educate our community.

Mrs.Sandra Mendez Duran, sylvia’s sister explains how she learned of the case that involved her family.

SEGMENT: Six: Dr. Juan Sepúlveda Director, White House Initiative on the Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans

After speaking to Lead summit attendees, Hispanic Lifestyle caught up with Dr. Juan Sepulveda, Director, White House Initiative on the Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. Dr. Sepulveda spoke about why it was important for Obama Administration to have a presence at the summit.

Dr. Sepulveda provides us with the message President Obama wanted to share with summit attendees.

Because Dr. Sepulveda is a father, we asked his personal perspective encourage Latinos to attend college.

HIspanic Lifestyle went on to ask Dr. Sepulveda about his experience working for the Obama Administration.
Dr. Sepulveda ended our conversation by providing insights on the wide range focus of the Obama Administration’s has on improving access and quality to education.

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