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Program #143 Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) and the Arts.

In this edition, we celebrate Latina History Day and attend a fundraiser.
Latina empowerment and classical arts are featured in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

Segment 1: Helen Iris Torres
Hispanic Lifestyle spent the afternoon with the Hispanas Organized for Political Equality or more commonly know as HOPE as they celebrated their 19th Annual Latina History Day Conference. We first spoke the HOPE’s Executive Director Helen Iris Torres who provided us with the background on the organization’s special day.

CAPTION: (Highlights)
(We asked what the attendees experienced at the Latina History Day celebration?)

We asked about the Mission of the organization.
CAPTION: (Major Achievement for Latinas)
Helen finished our conversation by talking about the organization’s membership and commitment to their mission statement.

Segment 2: Jessica Dominguez
CAPTION: (Background)
Mrs. Dominguez tells us about her law firms speciality and the challenges of her clients.
CAPTION: (The Realities of Illegal Immigration)

Mrs. Dominguez explains how children are affected by parents who may face deportation.

CAPTION: (Advocacy and Segmentivism)

Segment 3: Luisa Acosta-Franco
Mrs. Franco was asked why mentorship is an important component to having a successful career?
CAPTION: (The Membership of HOPE)
We asked Mrs. Franco about her career ambitions

Segment 4: Georgina Maldonado
Ms. Maldonado talks about how HOPE has impSegmented professional career.

CAPTION: (Advice and Mentorship)

Starting a business is not easy and Mrs. Maldonado explains how HOPE helped her.

We finished our conversation with Georgina by asking about her business, Genesis Consultants.

Segment 5: Ana Nogales
Our conversation with Dr. Nogales turned to the subject and term “Latina”

CAPTION: (Her Message to Latinas)

Dr. Nogales goes on to talk about her current projects all with goal of Empowering Latinas

Segment 6: Laura Diaz
Attending the conference was KCBS news anchor Laura Diaz. Hispanic Lifestyle started off our conversation by getting her perspective why she was supporting the Latina History Day event.

CAPTION: (Role Models)

Ms. Diaz is a standout among her peers in the broadcast news industry. We asked Laura her thoughts on being the only Latina sitting in the anchor chair among major networks in Southern California.

CAPTION: (The Headlines)

We finished our conversation with Ms. Diaz by talking about future ambitions.

Segment 7: East LA Classic
Hispanic Lifestyle moves on to attend a fundraiser for the East LA Classic theater, the nation’s only Latino based Theater Company that offers professionally performed Shakespeare adapted for youth in underserved communities of color.

Hispanic Lifestyle was on hand to attend as the East LA Classic held their Fiesta Fundraiser in Santa Monica, California. We surrendered our cameras to their founding member Tony Plana as he held a conversation with supporters and siblings Alex and Margo Reymundo

Here is an exclusive performance from Margo Reymundo:


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