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Hispanic Lifestyle Program #141 Books and Food

In this edition, we continue to profile Latino authors and receive a cooking demonstration.
Books and food are featured in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

SEGMENT: Reyna Grande
Our first segment begins as we meet author Reyna Grande. We to spoke Ms. Grande about her role with assisting the producers of the Latino book and family festival.

Ms. Grande spoke about the inspiration behind her latest book: Dancing with Butterflies.

Reyna explains her passion for writing.

We finish this segment with Reyna as she tells us about her past literary works.

SEGMENT: Linda Cortez
We now move on to author Linda Cortez. Linda wrote the book “When I was little” and begins by telling us why she came to the event.

We asked about her plans for writing a follow up to “When I was Little”.

We end our segment with Linda reading an excerpt from her book.

SEGMENT: Rolando Ortiz
Our next segment begins with poet Rolando Ortiz. Rolando explains his unusual title which provides the inspiration for his literary work.

Rolando talks about the day in the life of a gang member.

Rolando explains how his poetry is a product of his life experiences.

SEGMENT: Mary Castillo
In our final segment at the Latino Book and Family Festival, we speak with author Mary
Castillo who writes Romantic Comedies with a Latin Twist. Mary starts this segment with
discussing her background as a writer.

Mary discusses the benefits of connecting with other people and share her thoughts about her next book.

Segment: Fernando Desa, Executive Chef

In this segment we speak with Fernando Desa, Executive Chef and Product Development
Manager for Goya, America’s largest Hispanic-owned food company. We asked Chef Desa
about his responsibilities at Goya.

With many career options available to Chef desa, we asked about why he chose Goya as place to demonstrate his skills.

Goya has over SIXTEEN HUNDRED products and we asked Chef Desa what Goya has planned for the future.

Goya celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month each year be introducing five new recipes that blend together flavors from Spain; the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America. In an Hispanic Lifestyle exclusive, Chef Desa demonstrates the preparation of two these recipes.

Grilled Salmon over
Manchego Funche

Tilapia, Tamales and
Alcaparrado Salsa

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