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Program #5138 California’s Latino Legislative Caucus and More

In this edition, we meet with members of California’s Latino Legislative Caucus.

Elected Officials searching for future Latino leaders are featured in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

SEGMENT: Assembly member Tony Mendoza

Our program begins with with a conversation with California’s 56th District State Assembly member Tony Mendoza. The assembly member spoke about why he and other members of the Latino Caucus were in Cabazon, California.

Since Latino’s represent 36% of the California population, we asked about the membership of the Latino Caucus.

We concluded our conversation by asking state assembly member Mendoza how he became an elected official and if he would give us a overview of the district he represents.

– – –

Segment: Assembly member V. Manuel Pérez

In this segment we talk with California’s 80th district assembly member Manuel Perez. The freshman assembly member spoke about the caucus efforts in searching for potential candidates for elected office.

The economic crisis has hit California very hard and we inquired about how the 80th District has fared during these tough times.

As Chair of the Committee on Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy, we asked assembly member Perez about his work dealing with the economic stimulus packages.

– – –
SEGMENT: Teresa Craig
In this segment we meet San Bernardino City Unified School Board member Teresa Parra Craig. Our conversation began with Ms.Craig discusing the school boards current agenda.

Ms. Craig has a unique vantage point of California’s education system, so Hispanic Lifestyle asked what her thoughts were on it’s current condition.

We asked Ms. Craig about the Unified Districts current activities.

* * *
Segment: Ruben Guerra
Stopping by to chat with Hispanic Lifestyle was Chair of the Latino Business Association: Mr. Ruben Guerra.
We asked Mr. Guerra to reflect on what it is like to be a small business owner and how that experience motivates his work with the LBA

Mr. Guerra went on to share with Hispanic Lifestyle what specific programs the LBA is working on to help small business owners.

Our conversation ended with Mr. Guerra sharing his thoughts about the myth that corporate america is helping small business owners.

* * *
SEGMENT: Gill Cedillo
In our last segment we speak with the esteemed State Senator, Gill Cedillo. We asked the Senator how he began his career as a legislator in California.

As Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus, we asked Mr. Cedillo how influential the caucus is in the State Capital.

Our conversation ends with State Senator Cedillo explaining the benefits of serving the people of California.



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