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HLTV Program# 158 – Fun in the Sun for Education

HLTV Program# 158 –  Fun in the Sun for Education

Show notes and website links for Hispanic Lifestyle Television Program #158.

This edition is titled Fun in the Sun for Education

In this edition:

We spend the day on the golf course attending a fundraiser, get celebrity updates. We enjoy fun in the sun for education, in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

East LA Classic Theatre

On beautiful west coast day, we check in with our friends at the East LA Classic theatre who were holding their annual fundraising.  Actor Tony Plana along with his collegues gathered in support of the arts for students.

We caught up with Mr. Plana who is also the organizations artistic director on the 9th hole of the golf course where he spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about the event and its mission.

Lending his support and as you will soon see having a great time was actor Esai Morales who spoke about giving back to the community

Setting up shop on the 5th hole of the golf course was the distributor of Los Osuna.  Mr. Jesus Padillia spoke to Hispanic Lifestyle about the product and provide us the background Agave.

Next we meet Nancy Rosales who is introducing a new product in corporating Taquila and ice cream. Nancy starts the conversation by talking about getting her concept off the ground.

Actor, Comedian Jeff Garcia

Next we ran into actor Erik Estrada and asked about how well he did on the golf course.

Actress, singer Maria Conchita Alonso spoke with Hispanic Lifestyle about supporting the event and her current projects.

We finished our day by speaking with boxing legend and now entrepenuer Oscar de la Hoya.  We asked Oscar about his latest project the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

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