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HLTV Program #156 – Tamales and the Holidays

HLTV Program #156 – Tamales and the Holidays

Show notes and links for episode Hispanic Lifestyle  #156

Tamales and the Holidays

Welcome to Hispanic Lifestyle, I’m your host Richard Sandoval and in this edition:

We visit a landmark restaurant, get some holiday decorating ideas and celebrate the art of making tamales.  The Holidays and tamales are featured in this edition of Hispanic Lifestyle.

Zacatecas Cafe


Zacatecas Cafe over the years has become the place where community leaders gather for meetings and families come to dine. It all started back in 1963 when Oscar and Josefina Medina began serving american style breakfasts to city workers.

Hispanic Lifestyle spoke with their son John Medina who now runs the cafe with his wife Vicky. Together they shared the history and future plans of the family owned restaurant.

[slickr-flickr tag=”zacatecascafe” type=”gallery” delay=”3″]

I asked John and Vicky if the menu had changed much over the years.

Known for their tamales especially during the holidays, in this Hispanic Lifestyle execlusive John’s daughter Elizabeth demostrates how Zacatescas assembled these customer favorites.

The address of

Zacatecas Cafe

2472 University Avenue,

Riverside, CA 92507(951) 683-3939

Tamale Festival

Hispanic Lifestyle traveled east, across  interstate 10 and spent a few hours at the City of Indio’s International Tamale Festival. Although we caught up with him at the end of the two day event, Jim Curtis spoke with Hispanic lifestyle about the festival and its history.

Earlier in the day we visited with several tamale vendors participating in the festival.  We first spoke with Tina about her prize winning recipe for tamales.

The festival is also a family affair.  We first spoke with Maria of Maria’s Authentic Tamales who has been participating with the Festival since it got it’s start.

Just down the isle from Maria’s was her mother Lupe’s vendor booth. Known as Grandma Lupe Tamales they have won the award for best tamale for several times. We spoke with one Lupe’s nine children daughter Chrispina about the award winning tamales.

Holiday Disney

In what has become a tradition for Hispanic Lifestyle is our annual visit to Disneyland during the holidays.  In our visit to the magic kingdom we get decorating tips, an update on special activities and we also get a Tamale demonstration.

[slickr-flickr tag=”disneyxmas10″ type=”gallery” delay=”3″]

Our guide for the day Eddie Collins with his special guest goofy, talks about whats new at the park.

(Decorating Segment)

Something I did not know is that Disneyland serves Tamales.  In this segment and keeping with our theme we meet Chef Jesse Tiscareno who with an assistant shows Hispanic Lifestyle the Disney way of assembling tamales.

We finish off our day with a message from a very special guest and his friend.


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